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Online shopping is convenient obviously; one can shop at anytime from anywhere. Getting the order at your doorstep at affordable prices is the best deals with quality products. With digitalization, online shopping has rapidly increased. 

However, many times you fail to pick the right dress as per your needs. You need to be aware of a few tips for buying clothes online that safeguard your investment. This is why one should consider the below-mentioned tips before shopping for any knit dress online. You may shop knit dresses online in Australia- Scanlan Theodore. 

  1. Know your size

When you shop for dresses online, you can’t try the dress like in a physical store. So, before buying any knit dress ensure that the dress fits your size. Every website has its different sizing charts. One should be aware of the size chart of the US, UK, Euro, etc. Many merchants have detailed size charts so that even if the customers don’t know the size they can know by checking the size chart and saving the customer from ordering unfit dress. 

  1. Compare Prices

One of the best tips is to compare the prices of dresses on different sites. When it comes to online shopping, you can never fall short of choices even at affordable prices. If you do not like one knit dress’s price at one site, check the same product on another site.  

  1. Product Description and testimonials

As in physical stores, you can check the quality of knit dresses and see the detailing of the work. But in online shopping, you are only left with product descriptions and client testimonials. 

Many people forget to check product descriptions. Pick the one with suitable materials. Every detail would be mentioned in the description and many merchants provide high-quality images so that customers can zoom in. Choose a trusted seller that provides quality knit dresses.    

  1. Return policy of the merchant

Always check that there is return policy and that the process is simple. It might be that the knit dress you ordered doesn’t stand as per the quality. In that case, if the seller has offered a simple return policy the customer can easily return if the knit dress doesn’t meet the expectations of the consumer. 

  1. An inch of ease

As knitted dresses are body-hugging dresses, keep an inch of ease. The ease allows the knit dress to slide over your body easily. There should be half an inch of fabric without that knitting stitch. But in online sites, this may seem virtually only what is mentioned in the details of the product. 


When shopping for a knit dress, you have plenty of choices and varieties. Just ensure that you remember these tips before making any final purchases. A knit dress can be styled in many different ways. Hence, making a wise decision to shop for the best dress.

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