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Forex trading is growing at a tremendous speed in Australia. A large number of Australians trade in the forex market every day. The forex transactions have increased by 13% from 2016 to 2019. There is an enormous potential in the forex market to generate good returns. The value of the forex market itself is more than any other financial market in the world. Additionally, the AUD/USD is one of the most traded currency pairs in the world. There is no wonder that this currency pair is the most commonly traded in Australia.

The AUD/USD currency pair accounted for as much as 44% of the total trading value in April 2019. Other highly traded currency pairs in the Australian forex market are NZD/USD, USD/CNY, and USD/JPY. Forex trading is now worth billions in Australia. The daily foreign exchange turnover in Australia averaged a staggering $119 Billion in April 2019. The Australian spot market transactions have also witnessed impressive growth in the forex market. The spot market in Australia has grown by 24% between 2016 to 2019. And the number of Australian forex traders has grown with it as well.

Apart from that, the Australian forward market has also grown by a whopping 57%, dwarfing the global forward market growth of 43%. The Australian currency is also one of the best-performing currencies in the world. Hence, the Australian forex market is making a great place for Australians to start trading as a beginner and generate good returns. However, starting to trade in the forex market and generating good returns are two very different concepts. Furthermore, with some of die besten Apps für Trader (the best apps for traders) now being more widely available than ever before, exploring trading for yourself has never been easier so do not be afraid if these concepts seem unusual at first. A forex trader that generates good returns can be termed as a success in the forex market.

On the other hand, anyone can start forex trading by creating an account without a broker. As a beginner investor, the first thing a beginner should do is learning the basics of a forex market. Knowing about the way transaction takes place in the forex market, currency pairs, and the forex market itself is very crucial for a beginner. The forex market gets more and more interesting as we learn more about it. It is a market that has almost no regulators. It means that you get much more control over the transactions that you make in the forex market.

This also means that the market has much lower transaction costs as compared to other regulated financial markets in the world. Additionally, such an astounding growth in the forex market is a good sign of high liquidity and confidence of investors. Apart from that, since there is no physical marketplace to exchange the currencies, the forex trade is conducted on OTC. OTC is short for over-the-counter that means forex market transaction is conducted through computer networks. The forex market is also traded in many different time zones in cities like London, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, and Paris.

The time zones of different markets overlap. This makes it possible for the trader is to invest in the currencies of other countries. If you are looking to trade in the currency of a particular country, then you should have good knowledge about the time zone and when it is most active. It is important because you get to know the market timings when the market is most active.

How To Start Forex Trading in Australia

It is far easier to start forex trading in Australia compared to any other financial market. Thanks to the low regulations, anyone can start trading forex easily without any restrictions on capital requirements.

Having a trading plan: The first thing you need to have before investing in the forex market is an investing plan. Having some idea of where you are heading can be a great first thing you can do before trading in the forex market. This step is more important than any other step towards investing in the foreign exchange market. Entering any financial market without a plan and not knowing much about the market itself can be disastrous. Almost all successful investors in the world follow an effective plan. The plan enables them to stay on track even if there are some mishappenings.

Defining trading goals and styles is even more important for a new investor. An investor can face a lot of surprise in the forex market that can lead to emotional drives. However, it is much more difficult to handle these emotional drives for a new trader as compared to an experienced trader. A new investor might not know how to react in such situations. This is when the plan comes into play. It helps to ensure that the investors know in advance what to do in case of an emotional drive and react accordingly to it.

Creating an account with a broker: A broker is a person or entity that facilitates the transactions between the trader and the forex market. Broker plays a very important part in the forex market. Today, brokers have adapted to the competitive nature of the present market. That means an investor can expect to get speedy execution of transactions along with low transaction fees. Choosing a broker can be a difficult task.

As a beginner to the forex market, you should always select a broker that fits your need and is well regulated by one or more regulatory authorities in the world. Some of the world’s best brokers are operating in Australia. Additionally, there are many top brokers based in Australia. Moreover, you can also look at online reviews to determine which broker is providing the best services to its customers.

After you have created an account with a broker, you can finally start investing in the forex market.

The Takeaway

The forex market is one of the most speculative markets in the market. This is combined with the fact that the forex market is growing at an astounding rate for the past few years. It is further expected to grow in the next few years to come. Owing to its beginner-friendly nature, the forex market makes it a great choice for Australians to take a position in financial assets. Apart from that, the forex market has almost no regulators.

There are also no capital restrictions in the forex market. This means that anyone can easily get their account opened with a broker and start investing. However, make sure you have an effective plan before you start investing in the forex market. Having an effective plan helps to reduce risks and maximize profits. It also helps to manage emotions in case of sudden emotional drive that is common in the financial markets.

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