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  • Written by Samantha Ball

Ever wondered about the average cost of water in Sydney? Wonder no more – here's what the average Sydney resident pays for their water, and how you can reduce your water bill if it's a little high.

Water Cost Components

There are 3 parts to the average water bill in Sydney, but you may incur extra costs in some areas. Let's break it down. 

  • Water usage: this cost varies depending on how much water you physically use. In other words, it's the one cost you have the most control over.

  • Service charge: you pay this fee to access water in Sydney. You'll pay around $83 a year in Shoalhaven, and about $40 each year if you're in Sydney.  

  • Sewage line access: this portion gives you access to the sewage supply, or wastewater distribution system. On average, Sydney residents pay about $549 annually for this service. People in Shoalhaven pay roughly $876 every year, which is a fairly big difference. 

Some residents may encounter the following charge, too.

  • Stormwater service charge: If you're in a stormwater drainage area, you'll pay between $6 and $20 every quarter for this service.

Average Water Costs

The average cost of water in Sydney is:

  • $1221.50 a year in Shoalhaven

  • $1061.59 in Sydney and Illawarra each year (non-drought) or $1228.42 (drought) – you pay a bit more when there's a drought due to the higher demand

Most people in Sydney pay their water bill quarterly, so you pay for 3 months' usage at a time.

Tips for Reducing Your Bills

Ready to cut your water bill? There are a few things you can do – here are our top 5 recommendations. 

Use Less Water

It sounds simple, but it's worth emphasising: the less water you use, the less you pay. So, don't waste time in the shower, and avoid baths where possible. 

Turn off Taps

Do you leave the taps running when you brush your teeth, remove your makeup or do anything else around the sink? Again, you're just wasting water, which causes your bill to go up. Keep the taps off until you're actually using them.

Upgrade Your Toilet

If your toilet is a little on the older side, it won't have a dual flush button. Dual flush lets you use more or less water, depending on what you're flushing, so it helps you cut your water usage. 

Fix Leaks

Whether it's a pesky drip behind the shower or a leaking tap, you should fix plumbing leaks as soon as you spot them. Otherwise, you're not just wasting water – you're potentially causing damage to your home. 

Wash Heavier Loads

Before you turn on the washing machine, wait until there's a full load. You'll waste less water if you run fewer wash cycles.


If you want to lower your water costs in Sydney, it's best to get help from a qualified plumber. Plumbers can help you identify hidden leaks and fix them before they become major problems. So, for more information on reducing your water bill or to arrange a callout, contact us now.

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