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Denture technology has advanced significantly over recent years, and people can now achieve a smile that mirrors the look of their original teeth or is even better! If you have lost your teeth, it's important to have a replacement, whether that's in the form of dentures, bridges, or implants. Dentures are popular due to their affordability, and they also require no painful downtime. Here is why dentures are so important to your oral health if you are without natural teeth.

The different types of dentures

There are two main types of dentures, partial and complete, and the one that is best suited to you will depend on whether you have any remaining natural teeth or implants. Here is a brief explanation of the two:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are typically for those who have one or several teeth missing. A partial denture is replacement teeth that are on a pink base that replicates gums. This anchors onto the remaining teeth or implants securely to fill in the gaps from the missing teeth.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are for those with no remaining teeth left in the mouth and replace a smile with teeth that are realistic and as close to the real thing as possible. Replica teeth are positioned into a gum-looking plastic that is moulded to fit over your gums perfectly.

Why dentures can be so beneficial to your health

There are several benefits to choosing dentures, here are some of them:

Enjoy a full diet

Without fully functioning teeth, it can make eating and enjoying foods a difficult task. Your ability to bite into foods and chew them can be compromised drastically. This often means you have to alter how you eat these foods, such as cutting them into smaller pieces, boiling or blending them. Some hard foods are virtually impossible to eat when you have teeth missing or no teeth at all. Modern-day dentures are comfortable and allow you to eat all the foods you love. Being able to enjoy a full diet is greatly beneficial to your overall wellbeing and enjoyment in life.

Boost for the confidence

An incomplete smile can be a big blow to the self-confidence. It can not only affect the symmetry of the face, but it can make you insecure when interacting with others. This can have a detrimental effect on your self-worth and self-esteem over time. Dentures mean you don't have to hide your smile and be constantly mindful of it any longer, you can restore your teeth with natural-looking dentures.

Improve oral health and facial structure

Without teeth, your facial muscles and the structure of your face is not supported. Over time, this can result in bone loss. As the facial muscles aren't supported, this can cause the facial muscles to sag and make you older than you actually are. Having dentures can help to prop the face and prevent this from worsening. They can improve oral health, namely because the gaps between missing teeth can be a perfect spot for bacteria to multiple. This can cause cavities, tooth decay and can encourage gum disease. The gaps can also make it easier for food to become trapped, and this can make the bacteria issue in the mouth even worse. This can lead to bad breath and a variety of other concerns.

Rectify any lisp or speech problems caused by lack of teeth

Having gaps in your smile from missing teeth or no teeth altogether can alter the way that you speak. It can make you have a lisp, or you may struggle to speak properly without difficulty. This can cause you to be self-conscious, and you may even notice yourself withdrawing from conversations just so you don't have to bring attention to yourself and the way you speak. Dentures reinstate function in the mouth, and after wearing your dentures for a little while, you should find that your speech has improved dramatically.

Dentures can be thoroughly cleaned

As dentures can be removed, this allows users to give them a proper clean day and night as they can see the prosthetic in its entirety. This can drastically reduce bacteria and other gum concerns caused by a lack of oral hygiene.

They are long-lasting

Once your dentures are made up and properly fitted, they are exceptionally durable and long-lasting. You eat your favourite foods worry-free for many years to come. If on the off chance they do break down the track, it's a good idea to choose a dental prosthetist that has a laboratory onsite like us here at Denture Care Professionals Australia. This way, your dentures can be repaired quickly rather than having to get them sent away.

You can reap the same benefits as mentioned above by having permanent implants however, these are expensive, and they do require some downtime, both of which do not apply to dentures. There may be cases where you’ll be in need of a Denture Repair.

If you have lost some teeth or many, you don't have to suffer for a moment longer. Dentures can be life-changing in many ways, and our friendly and highly skilled team here at Denture Care Professionals Australia can help!

We specialise in teeth restoration and can help you regain your confidence and former smile with a new set of realistic teeth customised for your mouth perfectly. We're conveniently located in Robina on the beautiful Gold Coast. For more information, contact us on 07) 5580 9355 for your obligation free consultation.

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