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We all have experienced the annoying moments of having hiccups. At one time or the other, they are bound to give us that discomfort. And at some point, we don't know what to do, but rather wait for them to go away naturally. However, this experience will not only annoy you alone but it can disgust the next person. Hiccups are not caused by anything or anyone willing rather it is a natural process that begins when your diaphragm begins to spasm involuntarily.

A diaphragm is a large muscle that also helps you to breathe in and out on a daily basis. But without wasting much of your time let's tell you how best you can get rid of this annoying process.

Can we just say that hiccups should not distract you from collecting your sports betting winnings. Read on to get help.

Breathing and Posture Techniques

Sometimes we must learn how to breathe properly to avoid all the unnecessary hiccups. A change of your breathing stance can automatically relax your diaphragm.

Learn to Hold Your Breath

If you feel like you are about to encounter some hiccups. You must quickly hold your breath for about 10 to 20 seconds. Thereafter breathe out slowly. Do this until you are feeling that the hiccups are gone.  

Hug your Knees

Some people might feel like the first option we have mentioned is not working for them. Therefore, you might try this one. Look for a comfortable place where you can sit down and bring your knees to your chest. Make sure you hold them there for about two minutes. And if the two minutes elapsed you can then continue playing online casino games at sites such as https://www.pokiepop.com/en and win real money.

Know What to Eat or Drink

The food that you eat or drink contributes tremendously to get rid of your continuous hiccups. Drinking ice water is one of the ways can help stimulate the vagus nerve. You can do this by slowly sipping cold water. If the said option doesn't work for you can slowly drink a glass of warm water without stopping to breath.



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