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For many people, the end of a marriage can be a serious shock to the system. It changes their entire life and can have long-term effects on their future, so it’s natural that they may struggle to come to terms with what’s happening. If you’re close to somebody who’s currently going through a separation or divorce, you have an important role to play. You could be the difference between them suffering in silence or feeling supported through this tough time.

Help With The Practical Stuff

If you’ve ever experienced a huge loss in your life or some kind of trauma, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to handle the practical considerations that continue to arise despite your emotional upheaval. When it comes to divorce, there are plenty of practical problems that can get in the way of the person coming to terms with their feelings and coping successfully. As a friend, you can do lots to help out. Help your friend get in touch with a family law firm sydney who can assist with all of the legal considerations so they don’t have to stress about that side of things. It can be tough to get your head around all of the legal arrangements involved in divorce, particularly if children are involved, so seeking support for your friend will make a big difference.

Legalities aside, the day-to-day running of a household can be a struggle for someone dealing with the end of their marriage. Offer to help out with cooking meals, running errands, or childcare if your friend is struggling to stay on top of these things. By doing so, you’ll take a load off of their shoulders and give them a chance to breathe and relax. Your friend may just want a little alone time to come to terms with what’s going on in their life, so your help could allow them to get the space that they need.

Offer Emotional Support

Even if you can’t do much to help your friend out on a practical level, there’s so much you can do to support them emotionally through their divorce. If you live far away you can send encouraging emails or care packages to remind your friend that you love them and are thinking of them. If you’re close enough to make physical contact, make yourself available as much as possible to meet up for coffee catch-ups, or just a good cry session.

Some people aren’t great at expressing what they need when they’re dealing with difficult emotions, so it may be helpful to ask your friend exactly what they want from you. If they just want to be treated as if everything is normal, then that’s how you should approach the situation. If they need lots of hugs and reassurance, try to offer that instead. Don’t force your friend to open up about every detail of their divorce if they don’t feel comfortable doing so – simply offer your support in whatever way they need.

Unless you have been through a similar experience yourself, it may be unhelpful to offer unsolicited advice. This advice, though well meaning, can sometimes be frustrating to the person going through a divorce, so focus on talking about their experiences rather than bringing your own to the table.

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