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New research: 87% of Aussie families eat breakfast together

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It's a family affair: new research from Kellogg’s reveals the number one breakfast habit all Aussies agree on

Aussie parents are in agreement that spending quality time with their families over the breakfast table is the best way to start the day, with 87% eating breakfast together. The wholesome statistic has been revealed in new research released today by Kellogg’s, looking into Australian breakfast habits in 2024.

Parental guilt also plays a big factor, with the new research revealing that a main concern for parents each morning is that breakfast is actually consumed, with 4-in-5 (82%) feeling guilty if their family goes to work or school without breakfast. This is especially important for the 1-in-5 (18%) Aussie parents that consider their families to be ‘really active’ with sports and activities most days, making breakfast an important way to start the day.

Kellogg’s has recently launched a new better-for-you cereal; striking the balance between taste and nutrition: Coco Pops Chocos. Aussie parents can now win in the mornings with this new product that features enhanced nutritional benefits and 4 health stars, thanks to 7 essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and 25% less sugar.

Interestingly, 40% of the Aussie parents surveyed think that when it comes to breakfast food, less sugar means less taste – a misconception Kellogg’s has set out to change.

To help Kellogg’s perfect the yummy taste, the new Coco Pops Chocos were put to the ultimate taste test by the most honest critics: kids! With reactions crowning the cereal “delicious”, “very chocolaty” and “super crunchy”, Coco Pops Chocos was given the official thumbs up.

The new research also reveals what is considered the most important factors for parents when deciding what's for breakfast; including foods that are tasty (65%), that their kids will actually eat (62%), low in sugar (48%), and that they will enjoy too (40%).

Natasha Sunderland, Marketing Manager, at Kellanova ANZ, shares: “In the whirlwind of busy mornings, we know that parents are looking for options that will fuel the day’s activities quickly, without compromising family time or nutrition. Coco Pops is already a breakfast favourite across the nation, and with the enhanced nutritional benefits and iconic chocolatey taste of new Coco Pops Chocos, we know the new product will be a hit at the breakfast table.”

Kellogg’s Coco Pops Chocos are available nationally, at Woolworths and Coles now, RRP $7 (260g pack).

To see the official taste test panel of Aussie kids, visit kelloggs.com.au/en_AU/products/coco-pops-chocos for more information.

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