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5 Reasons to Get Back in the Gym

  • Written by News Company

As warmer weather approaches, it’s easier to get active. Longer days mean it’s easier to fit in dedicated physical activity around work and leisure. So how do you keep fit? Here are five reasons why adding regular visits to the gym will reduce your waistline and improve your health.

  1. It’s convenient

Daily walks are for everyone, but when winter approaches, many of us skip these in favour of public transport or chilling on the couch. The gym is cool in summer and warm in winter – so there’s really no excuse to not be there a few times a week.Whether you need a gym in Camberwell, Port Melbourne or further afield, find a location that is convenient for your routine.Some people train near work, others prefer a gym close to home. Multi-club memberships give you the best of both options.

  1. Cross-training

Individual studios are great if you want to specialise in one exercise style. However, if you want to be stronger, fitter and to lose weight in general, cross-training is a more effective option. Cross-training means doing a variety, instead of doing the same workout week after week. This could mean doing new combinations of exercises and reps, a new style of class, or hitting the pool instead of the weights room. Give yourself the opportunity to try new classes and workouts - an established gym will have many options to keep your body guessing.

  1. More in, more out

The best way to kick-start a sluggish metabolism is to physically get moving. Forget detoxes, juice cleanses and restrictive diets, you need to burn calories through moving more than what you consume. Resistance training especially adapts the way in which the body burns and stores glucose, so even when you’re not working out, your body is more efficiently burning calories. This means as you train, you can actually up calorific intake and still lose fat. Seeing a personal trainer to tailor a program for your specific goals is highly advised.

  1. Props, machines and mirrors

One of the best aspects of training at a gym is access to purpose-built fitness equipment. While we like a good old fashioned chair workout or step-ups when you’re in the park, specialist gym equipment enables you to safely improve your form and recover from injuries. As you gain experience, you will be able to monitor your body in the mirror and modify your position so each exercise delivers the best benefits.

  1. It’s motivational

Enter a good gym and there will be positive energy and hopefully some good lighting and sounds to get you in the mood to move. As social creatures, we are attuned to mimic the behaviour of those around us – if everyone is working hard, this can help us to do so also. Bonus points for a full-service gym with decent facilities so you can get ready for work or your next engagement without having to head home to get ready.Happy training!

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