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Trina Solar Inks MoU with Marubeni Australia to Supply 1.5GW of PV Modules

MELBOURNE, Australia, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Trina Solar, the world's leading PV and smart energy total solutions provider, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with leading wholesale distributor, Marubeni Australia, to supply 1.5GW worth of Vertex N solar modules to the Oceania region over a five-year period.

Trina Solar Inks MoU with Marubeni Australia to Supply 1.5GW of PV Modules L to R: Helena Li, Vice President, Trina Solar; Hiroyuki Shimada, General Manager of Marubeni Australia; Kiyokawa Shingo, General Manager of Chemical Department IV, Marubeni Corporation; Edison Zhou, Head of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, Trina Solar Asia Pacific; Todd Li, President, Trina Solar Asia Pacific; John Chen, Deputy General Manager, Marubeni Australia

Vertex is Trina Solar's flagship product range that uses larger-size, 210mm-long, solar cells commonly referred to as 210 Technology. Trina Solar is the first mover of 210mm product technology, leading the PV industry to 600W+/700W+ era.

Under the agreement, Trina Solar will supply the Vertex modules that incorporates marketing-leading n-type i-TOPCon cell technology. For residential and commercial, modules include Vertex S+ NEG9R.28 and NEG9RC.27, lightweight panels with 1.6+1.6mm ultra-thin dual glass design which ensures higher reliability and safety. For larger commercial and industrial projects, modules include the Vertex NEG19RC.20 and NEG18R.28 which features higher power output.

These modules incorporate market-leading technologies: multi-busbar (MBB) for greater light absorption and high-density packing to maximize the surface area. Non-destructive cutting technology is used so the cells have ultra-smooth edges. It has been proven that such cells improve the module's overall mechanical performance to better withstand external forces being applied to the module.

Edison Zhou, Head of Trina Solar of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, said: "Trina Solar is committed to empower industries around the world in their journey to achieve a net-zero future. The Oceanic region has great potential to harness the power of solar energy on its numerous off-grid islands. We thank Marubeni Australia for choosing Trina Solar as its partner. This MoU signifies a long-term strategic partnership for both parties to jointly help the region ramp up its solar capacity."

Hiroyuki Shimada, General Manager of Marubeni Australia said: "Marubeni Australia has a long-standing relationship with Trina Solar for well over 10 years. The MoU signifies the continued strong relationship and aspirations to further grow the Australasia and the Pacific module distribution and solar projects opportunities." He added: "Marubeni Australia continues to utilize their unique Japanese trading house's financial strengths resulting in the development of a comprehensive solutions for our customers."

The agreement was signed by Edison Zhou, Head of Trina Solar of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, and Hiroyuki Shimada, General Manager, Marubeni Australia.

This move is in line with Oceania's Energy Transformation Roadmap to 2050 which has set a solar energy target of 27GW by 2030 and 109GW by 2050. According to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, apart from Australia and New Zealand, most Pacific nations remain highly dependent on petroleum. Oil makes up about 80 percent of the Pacific's total energy supply, whereas renewable energy accounts for only 17 percent.

About Trina Solar (688599. SH)

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world leading PV and smart energy total solutions provider. The company engages in PV products R&D, manufacture and sales; PV projects development, EPC, O&M; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary systems development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation. In 2018, Trina Solar launched its Energy IoT brand, established the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance together with leading enterprises and research institutes in China and around the world, and founded the New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Centre. With these actions, Trina Solar is committed to collaborating with its partners to build the energy IoT ecosystem and develop an innovation platform to explore New Energy IoT, as it strives to be a leader in global intelligent energy. In June 2020, Trina Solar listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange. For more information, please visit www.trinasolar.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Source: Trina Solar Energy Development Pte. Ltd.

Authors: PR Newswire Asia - Daily Bulletin Au RSS

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