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Corflute signs are a versatile, lightweight and cost-effective signage solution that is perfect for both personal and commercial use. Made from durable polypropylene plastic, these signs are strong enough to withstand the elements and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Their affordability makes them ideal for short-term promotional campaigns, as well as more permanent signage solutions such as wayfinding or directional signage. Corflute signs can also be printed with any design or message, making them an ideal choice for advertising your business or event in a creative way.

Definition of Corflute Sign

Corflute sign brisbane, also known as corrugated plastic sheets, are a popular form of signage used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Corflute is a lightweight and economical sign material that can be printed on one or both sides to create single or double-sided signs. They are easy to assemble and transport, making them ideal for temporary promotions or advertisements.

The term “corflute” is derived from the combination of two words: “corrugated” and “plastic”. Corrugation refers to the ridges on the surface of this type of plastic sheeting that give it strength while also providing an attractive visual texture. The flexible nature of corrugated plastic makes it ideal for use in many different applications such as signage, packaging, displays, banners and more.

Corflute signs are typically made from polypropylene which is a strong yet lightweight thermoplastic polymer. It has excellent chemical resistance properties which make it highly resistant to water damage as well as UV radiation; this makes corflutes perfect for outdoor use in any weather conditions without worry about fading or cracking over time due to exposure to extreme temperatures or sunlight.

Benefits of Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are a cost-effective form of signage that provides numerous benefits for businesses. This lightweight and durable material is a great choice for outdoor signage, as it’s resistant to weather and vandalism. Corflute signs can be used in almost any type of application, from small-scale retail operations to large advertising campaigns. Here are some of the key benefits of using corflute signs:

1) Cost Effective: Corflute is one of the most affordable materials for outdoor signages, making it a great option for those on a budget. Since the material itself is relatively inexpensive, businesses can save money on printing costs as well. Furthermore, corflute signs have excellent longevity; after installation they can last up to several years with minimal maintenance or replacement required.

2) Lightweight and Durable: Corflute is an incredibly lightweight material which makes it easy to install and transport around wherever needed. Additionally, its hardwearing nature ensures that it won’t suffer damage from UV radiation or even harsh weather conditions like rain or snowfall. This makes corflute an ideal choice where frequent transportation or relocation may be required such as trade shows and exhibitions.

Applications for Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are one of the most versatile and cost-effective signage solutions available. Corflute is a lightweight, durable, and waterproof material that can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It’s often used to create custom signs for businesses, events, schools, and other organizations. In this article, we’ll discuss the various applications for corflute signs as well as their benefits.

Corflute is an ideal material for creating high-quality signage that won’t break the bank. The material is lightweight yet strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like wind and rain without warping or fading over time. It also resists corrosion from sunlight exposure and can be cut into any size or shape imaginable to fit your specific needs. As a result, corflute signs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications such as menu boards at restaurants or event promotions at festivals or fairs.

The versatility of corflute makes it ideal for advertising campaigns as well. Its waterproof properties make it great for vehicle wraps that will look good regardless of rain showers or dew in the morning hours—plus it won’t damage paint jobs on cars like some adhesive vinyl products might do if removed prematurely.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corflute Sign Provider

Corflute signs are a popular choice for advertising, with their cost-effectiveness and durability making them an ideal choice for businesses large and small. However, when looking for a corflute sign provider, there are several factors to consider in order to ensure that you’re getting the best quality product at the most affordable price.

  1. Quality: The first factor to consider is the quality of the material used in your corflute sign. A good provider should offer high-quality materials that will stand up to weathering and wear over time. Check what type of printing method they use, as digital printing is usually more reliable compared to traditional screen printing methods. Ask about warranties or guarantees on their products too—a good provider should be able to offer these without hesitation if they have confidence in their products’ durability and longevity.
  1. Cost: Cost is obviously an important factor when choosing any service or product, but it’s especially important with corflute signs due to their low cost point relative to other forms of advertising such as radio or television ads. Look for providers who offer competitive prices without sacrificing on quality; many providers have bulk discounts available which can help bring down costs even further if you require multiple signs for your business.


In conclusion, corflute signs are a popular, cost-effective and durable signage solution for businesses, organisations, and individuals. They are lightweight yet sturdy and come in a variety of sizes to suit any needs. Corflute signs can be printed with a design of your choice for maximum impact and visibility. They are also weather-resistant so they can withstand outdoor elements such as wind and rain. If you're looking for an effective signage option that won't break the bank, corflute signs may be the perfect choice.

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