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When researching products for Amazon, the majority of sellers concentrate on sales, but you shouldn't ignore price when deciding which products to offer. Running a prosperous business requires having products that are reasonably priced.

After you start selling, keeping track of prices is also essential. To stay competitive, you must continually change your pricing to match what your rivals are doing to gain an advantage.

What Things To Expect From Amazon Price Tracker?

You should be careful when deciding where to put your money because many price tracker applications are currently available.

  • Accuracy

In this world, accuracy is essential. If you cannot achieve your goals, it is pointless to be an entrepreneur. The product matching function of a price tracking tool functions similarly. You want your instrument to provide the highest accuracy possible, whether the process is automated or manual. You can use a price tracker on Chrome by using Amazon Price Tracker for Chrome.

  • Save Your Time

Time is valuable. You can concentrate on other aspects of your online business and boost efficiency by digitizing your price-tracking procedure. It is not advisable to assign a worker to spend their entire workday comparing prices with rival companies if your business sells hundreds or thousands of products. Not only is this a poor use of their time, but it also costs more money because paying for their time is more expensive than purchasing a program or website subscription.

  • It will Give You a Better Understanding Of The Market.

Price monitoring is one of the best techniques to comprehend your business market completely. You can learn how your rivals price their products and where they get their profit margins by comparing retail prices in real-time. Additionally, you'll be able to observe how much your clients are prepared to spend. This knowledge will enable you to make wiser company decisions, from determining the precise profit margin required to stay afloat to identifying which goods require more marketing focus than others.

  • Set Realistic Prices

You must first realize that when it comes to price, it's not only about the initial expense; profitability also plays a role. By selling a product for more money than it costs, you can increase your profits to their maximum potential. You won't make any money if you sell your goods for less than what they cost.

  • Get Access To BuyBox

When you first begin selling your goods on Amazon, it's crucial to assume that only individuals who click on your ad will purchase from your product listing. There is, however, a different class of customers: those who use Amazon to seek things and end up finding buy-box merchants. These clients browse product listings in search of certain items, looking for ones with prices they can afford. Due to their urgency, these buyers frequently choose the first item that strikes their attention, and if a buy-box vendor lists that item, so be it!

Get The Information On Amazon Price Tracker

As an Amazon vendor, you must be aware of your competitors' prices in order to compare them to your own. Manually tracking prices is a highly tedious task, especially when there are innumerable products and countless competitors. Sites that track Amazon prices are essential in these circumstances since they automate tracking for a large number of listings. If you don't regularly monitor your competitors' prices and adjust your own, you'll be losing customers every day.

Top Amazon Price Tracker Choices

  1. camelcamelcamel

You can use the free price tracking tool Camelcamelcamel at any time. Its user-friendly interface is similar to its brand name, which is simple to remember. Detailed statistics on pricing changes for your Amazon purchases will be provided to you.

  1. Keep

Quite similar to CamelCamelCamel is the well-known pricing tracking application Keepa. Sellers dissatisfied with CamelCamelCamel might use it as a wonderful alternative to Amazon's price tracker. It has an intuitive user interface, and after registering for its risk-free trial, you can access almost all of the features.

Keep, nevertheless, is not a cost-free tool for tracking Amazon prices. You must upgrade to the premium edition if you want to view their charts of Amazon price history, use their API, receive alerts when prices drop, or receive notifications when their prices increase. If you like, you can pay a nominal charge to enroll in a monthly plan.

  1. Tracktor

You can find the lowest price for things using the Tracktor, a free Amazon price tracker. You can utilize all of the advantages of this solution in place of the numerous Amazon price trackers. You may also see the costs of goods decrease over the day. You can keep track of these costs.


When researching products and keeping an eye on your performance, don't ignore the price. You'll stand a far higher chance of succeeding on Amazon if you look for products priced as effectively as possible and keep an eye on your competitors' prices.

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