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  • Written by Jeremy Levitt

Across the Top 20 Industry Categories for Household Trades and Home Improvement 
  • 3 Industries are showing massive growth in jobs listed: Rubbish Removal, Carpet Cleaning, and Door Installation
  • 4 Industries are showing strong growth (Arborists, Roofers, Gardeners, and Fencing Contractors
  • Demand for Handymen is growing slightly
  • 6 Industries are flat with negligible change year on year: Concreters, Removalists, Carpenters, Tilers, Plumbers and Electricians
  • 2 Industries are showing slight declines: Plasterers and Landscapers
  • 4 Industries are showing strong declines: Air Conditioning Companies, Painters, Builders and Cleaners
Key Observations
  • Rubbish Removal jobs are growing like crazy - almost tripling year on year. People are decluttering and getting rid of junk the more time they spend at home. The Kondo effect.
  • Outdoor jobs where trades can socially distance are growing: Rubbish Removal, Door Installation, Arborists, Roofers, Gardeners, Fencing Contractors and Handymen. 
  • Indoor jobs where it's harder to socially distance are either flat or declining: Cleaners, Painters, Plasterers, Tilers, Plumbers, Electricians. House cleaning is also a recurring weekly expense and households are doing this work themselves as their economic situation deterioriates.  
  • Industries with higher value jobs like Painting, Builders, Plasterers, Landscapers, Concreters are in decline. With economic uncertainty, people are putting off the bigger jobs.
Industry Comment YoY Growth
Rubbish Removalist Massive Growth 168%
Carpet Cleaner Massive Growth 80%
Door Installation Company Massive Growth 71%
Arborist Strong Growth 42%
Roofer Strong Growth 23%
Gardener Strong Growth 16%
Fencing & Gate Company Strong Growth 11%
Handyman Some Growth 6%
Concreter Flat 4%
Removalist Flat 1%
Carpenter Flat 0%
Tiler Flat -3%
Electrician Flat -3%
Plumber Flat -3%
Plasterer Some Decline -8%
Landscaper Some Decline -9%
Air Conditioning & Heating Technician Strong Decline -11%
Painter Strong Decline -15%
Builder Strong Decline -16%
Cleaner Strong Decline -24%

Top 20 Industries Aggregate Demand by Major Metro Region (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19)

Key Observations  
  • Job growth roughly correlates to COVID-19 impact. The relatively unscathed regions of Perth & Brisbane showing excellent growth
  • Weak or no growth in Sydney, Melbourne - where the effect of COVID-19 has been more intense.
Region YoY Growth
Perth 24%
Brisbane 10%
Sydney 2%
Adelaide 1%
Melbourne 0%
National 4%

Aggregate Demand by Major Metro Areas

Key Observations
  • Job growth is significantly higher in the outer areas of Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with low or negative growth in the inner city and inner suburbs. This reflects a flight to regional areas and outer suburbs during COVID.
    • South & West Sydney (Macarthur, Blue Mountains, Liverpool, Canterbury and Western Sydney) are the highest growth areas. The Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Lower North Shore and CBD are all in decline
    • In Melbourne, Geelong, Phillip Island - which could almost be considered regional Vic - are showing massive growth
  • Perth is seeing growth in almost all areas including the CBD except the beachside Western Suburbs
  • Adelaide recording job growth in the inner city area and less so in outer areas

Sydney | Top 20 Industries (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19)   
Sydney Region > Area YoY Diff
MacArthur/Camden 12%
Blue Mountains & Surrounds 12%
Liverpool / Fairfield 8%
Canterbury/Bankstown 7%
Western Sydney 7%
North Shore - Upper 5%
Sutherland 4%
Hills 3%
Northern Beaches 2%
St George 2%
Northern Suburbs 1%
Hawkesbury 0%
Parramatta -3%
Eastern Suburbs -4%
Inner West -5%
North Shore - Lower -6%
Sydney City -6%

Melbourne | Top 20 Industries (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19)   
Melbourne Region > Area YoY Diff
Phillip Island & District 50%
Geelong & District 16%
North East 6%
West 3%
Mornington Peninsula 2%
Yarra-dandenong Ranges 2%
North West 1%
Inner City 0%
South East -1%
Bayside -1%
North -2%
East -2%

Brisbane | Top 20 Industries (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19)   
Brisbane Region > Area YoY Diff
Redcliffe / Bribie / Caboolture 17%
Bayside 15%
Logan 14%
Southside 13%
Redlands City 8%
West 7%
City & North 6%
Inner South -3%

Perth | Top 20 Industries (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19) 
Perth Region > Area YoY Diff
Perth City 45%
Eastern Suburbs 29%
Perth Hills 26%
Southern Suburbs 23%
Western Suburbs -5%

Adelaide | Top 20 Industries (Jan-Sep 20 vs Jan-Sep 19)
Adelaide Region > Area YoY Diff
Adelaide 54%
North & North East Suburbs 1%
South & South East Suburbs -2%
Western & Beachside Suburbs -6%
Eastern Suburbs -8%
Adelaide Hills -10%

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