• Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

According to Love, Australia's Love Priestess, if Australians had to undertake an exam each year to on how to be in a relationship, in order to stay in their relationship, most people would fail.    EJ Love is a relationship, love and intimacy specialist who works with singles and couples to improve their love life.    EJ is firmly of the view that Australian couples should be required to undertake relationship 'Boot Camp' before they get married and then undertake annual refresher courses each year funded through the health care system - to help couples stay healthy, happy and engaged.
"Most relationships fail because people are either too lazy to try or don't know how to be better partners," Ms Love said today.
"Sadly, if people were required to take a test each year on how to be in relationship, most people would fail.   
"The latest statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate the average period of marriage in Australia is 12 years and divorces are on the increase.     
"The key elements of a good relationship are touch, communication and consideration.   
"As a specialist who works with many people to help them to overcome relationship issues and improve their love life in the bedroom, the most common problem I face is a lack of effort.  
"So many people become complacent in their relationship and they just don't make the effort to keep their relationship alive and interesting.
"Relationships take hard work and they need constant attention.   
"When relationships become tired and lifeless, other issues creep in such as jealousy, communication problems, and the feeling of being taken for granted. "If couples were required to undertake a relationship 'Boot Camp' before getting married and undertake refresher courses each anniversary, this would set couples up to succeed and give them the support they need to keep their relationships on track.
"We undertake courses to keep our skills up for employment and job opportunities, we go to the gym to keep our bodies healthy and yet we don't invest in our relationship with our partner, which is the most important relationship of all.   
"When a relationship fails, it affects many things, usually in a devastating way.   Some people are left completely broken and the reality is that many break-ups are avoidable.
"That's one of the main reasons why I started to offer courses for people - to assist them to focus on how to keep their relationship alive and healthy.    I want to help people to achieve happiness.   
"I help people to learn how to be a better partner, how to get over bad relationships, move on from past partners and learn to be a happier and more content person in a relationship.   My courses are offered online and also through retreats.
"Research shows that if our relationship with our partner is healthy, so many other aspects of our life are positive and healthy as well.
"If couples were required to undertake relationship 'Boot Camps' before getting married and were then required to undertake a couple of hours of relationship training each year, it would definitely help them to kickstart their relationship in a good way and give them the tools to stay healthy, happy and engaged in their relationship moving forward.   Sometimes, simply things like 'relationship reminders' can be all that it takes to prompt people to make more effort in their relationships.    The cost of the annual training could be funded through the health care system.   If we managed to reduce divorce and separation rates by as little as 5% each year, we could save a lot of people from terrible breakups, stop families having to go through difficult separations and reduce the pressure on the courts.   The only people that wouldn't like it is the divorce lawyers."

I am Love Soulmate Intensive - 7 week online prog - https://ejlove.leadpages.co/i-am-love-soulmate-2017/    
Integrated Woman's Relationship Retreat- Gold Coast March 22 - 28th - https://www.facebook.com/events/1107205129376719/.  This will also be broken up into two workshops, one on healing love wounds and completing past relationships and the second one on loving and transforming your relationship to men.   This includes the self-marriage ceremony.

Soulgasmic Women's Sexual Healing online prog - www.tinyurl.com/soulgasmicwoman
Integrated Woman's Relationship Retreat - Bali - June 19th - https://www.facebook.com/events/215524108908365/.   This includes the self-marriage ceremony

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