• Written by Jackie McRae

In the lead up to International Women’s Day on March 8, leading network marketing company, Jeunesse Global Australia, overseeing the Australasian region, has revealed women are dominating in rank advancements every month, celebrating the flexibility and financial freedom the business offers.

With Australian, New Zealand and Fiji recently achieving a record $10million (AUD) sales month, Jeunesse Australia’s General Manager Rachel McVinish said the brand’s popularity was a result of the passion and enthusiasm of distributors, with approximately 80 per cent of the distributors who advance through the network marketing ranks being women.

“Jeunesse is a leading brand of scientifically developed skin care and nutrition products which attracts both male and female distributors, however trends are proving that in our region at least, more women are using the business model to advance their earning potential,” Ms McVinish said.

“Network marketing models provide distributors with the potential to earn based on individual ambitions, so it’s empowering to see Australian women are taking the opportunity to work in a way that suits their own lifestyle.

“In our Sapphire and above leadership rank, women make up about 70 per cent of the leaders, meaning the income derived from the business is more than just a hobby, and in fact, these women are likely making a healthy living from the business,” Ms McVinish added.

Jeunesse is one of the largest achievers in the network marketing industry and the fastest growing company in the Direct Selling Association with more than 38,000 men and women currently owning a distributorship in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. 

The brand’s top female distributor in Australia, Ms Susan Lan, has been a Jeunesse distributor since 2012 and attributes her success to her passion for the products and resilient attitude in her business.

“What first attracted me to Jeunesse was the opportunity to start my own business that was flexible to my lifestyle,” Ms Lan said.

“When the results speak for themselves, it’s very easy to promote a brand. But many people forget there’s still a lot of hard work to put into the business to make it successful. Persistence is key. I work very hard, but I do work when it suits me, which is unheard of in the corporate world,” she said.

Jeunesse offers one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry, and provides distributors with their own personalized website, dashboard and ongoing training opportunities.

For more information about Jeunesse as a business opportunity, visit https://www.jeunesseglobal.com/en-AU/.


Jeunesse Global Australia, looking after the Australasian region is a leader in the anti-ageing industry providing scientifically based skincare and nutrition products to consumers across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to enhance youthfulness and vitality. Jeunesse Global Australia currently has over 38,000 distributors. Globally, the company sold more than $1.4billion (US) in products in 2016, offering viable business solutions for any individual’s needs and aspirations.

Jeunesse Global was established in 2009 by founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.


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