• Written by Senator Cash

Outrageous comments tonight by new ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on the ABC’s 7:30 programme need to be completely and immediately repudiated by Bill Shorten and the Labor Party.


Sally McManus said tonight;


“I believe in the rule of law when the law is fair and the law is right.

But when it's unjust I don't think there's a problem with breaking it.”

            ABC 7:30, 15 March 2017


This is an extraordinary admission by a newly minted union leader that she believes she is above the law and that unions can pick and choose when they obey the law and when they do not.


All reasonable Australians fundamentally understand that a key pillar of our peaceful, democratic society is adherence to the rule of law. Ms McManus has tonight belled the cat on the principles of militant unions in Australia: they will obey the law if and when they choose.


Corrupt unions such as the CFMEU have an atrocious record of lawlessness and militancy that has tonight been justified and excused by Ms McManus.


Tonight represents a critical test of Bill Shorten’s leadership. If he does not immediately and unequivocally reject Ms McManus’s comments, he supports them.


Since 2007/08 unions in Australia have donated over $73 million to the Australian Labor Party. Since Bill Shorten became leader they have donated nearly $25 million.


If he does not immediately condemn Ms McManus’ shameful comments he is showing all Australians those donations are the price paid for the Australian Labor Party to turn a blind eye to the laws that all Australians are expected to obey.


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