• Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

According to Tanya Duncan, Co- Founder of Funch, healthy snack food is now easy, convenient and affordable.  


“Healthy snack foods have been out of reach for many people because of the high cost of ingredients, the time it takes to prepare snacks at home from scratch and the stark lack of suitable options on supermarket shelves,” Ms Duncan said today.


“At Funch, we have completely changed this.   Funch, is turning the health food industry upside down.    People are busy and want fast food, so we have created a range of ‘fast health food snacks’ which are easy to make at home, in a matter of minutes.


“We have developed a range of affordable healthy food snack mixes to create tasty and wholesome snacks like protein balls, cookies, slices, luxe balls and bliss balls.  Within the range there are gluten free and nut free options and most products are also vegan and dairy free.   For most products, all you have to do is add water and one other ingredient, such as honey or rice syrup.   If you want to create your own variations, you can absolutely add other ingredients to suit your taste preferences.


“My Co-Founder Lisa Bourne and I were really frustrated that we couldn’t seem to find anything on supermarket shelves for our kids’ lunchboxes that were healthy, affordably priced and didn’t include additives, colouring, preservatives or sugar.  


“It was hard to find something that the kids enjoyed eating that was not full with artificial ingredients or sugar.    Even the seemingly healthy products were deceptively unhealthy.


“It took a lot of development to come up with recipes that delivered great taste without any of the nasties. 


“Our commitment to this combination has underpinned all of our product development.  


“Since launching in 2014, Funch has grown to include products that suit both kids and adults.  We sell our range of products online as well as through retailers.


“We now also supply our products in bulk to outlets including schools and cafes so they can use our mixes as a base and develop their own products for their customers in a cost and time efficient manner.


“Our products were recently tested by Nutrition Australia for the Healthy Choices Classification and against the Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines and Victorian School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy, our products received an ‘AMBER’ rating – the highest of any products in the category.   


“Our range is quick, easy and affordable – and importantly it tastes great!” 




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