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Are you the type who’ll go hard at the gym one day and then struggle to get motivated the next? Yeah we hear you. It’s a common problem, and the great news is that it’s fairly easily fixed with a few routine adjustments.


We want to help you get the most from your workouts so that you have a fantastic workout every time you hit the gym. So the next time you’re on the pull up rig you really can give 100% of you fitness over to the workout.


Understand your limits


When you are working out you need to know what your limits are.

After all, it’s only by knowing your limit that you can break through it, after all! There are simply too many people who have gone too hard too early or hurt themselves just by pushing too hard too soon.


You need to know your limits, and a key way to do this is with fitness testing or other kinds of metrics. It’s important to track your fitness as well so that you know when you are making improvements and when you are losing ground. A key thing to remember is that if you are comfortable at the gym then guess what? You’re not working hard enough.


Push through the pain


On the topic of being comfortable, it’s important that you push through the pain DURING your workout. But when it’s time to take a rest day you need to take it. If you are too sore to walk from your last workout, if you didn’t sleep well, or if you haven’t eaten properly then guess what? It’s a rest day for you, my friend.


Don’t increase your risk of injury by going to the gym despite not being in good condition to be there; take a rest day and make sure you’re sleeping, eating and living properly. That way when you are at the gym you can do one more set, or you can go up one more weight on the bar or hit your chin-up quota.


Eat right


You wouldn’t put thick oil and dirt into your car and expect it to start, the same way that you need to give your body the right fuel in the way of carbs, water and proteins. Sure, looking after your carbohydrate intake is a great way to reduce your fat levels, and it can be a really effective way for people to lose a lot of weight.


But you don’t need to go gung-ho crazy with the low-carb thing to get results.

If you are an athlete who is on a low carbohydrate diet then you’re basically putting yourself at risk. You need to eat the right food for your body to survive and thrive on, and if you’re working out regularly you can afford to eat properly.


Mix it up


A key way to get sick of your workout really fast is to do the same thing every day.

And, to add to this, another problem is that your body will start to adjust to a certain type of routine and will plateau a lot faster. You need to be mixing up your routine and looking for a good balance of activities to do.


Recover right


A final thing that we must point out here is that in order to have a great workout you need to recover the right way for your next workout! You can’t expect to have excellent results from one workout, and you need to plan for the next one as you’re cooling down from your current one. We’re talking stretches, fit bands, foam rollers and anything else that will work for you. Plan ahead and reap the rewards!


We hope that your workout is every bit as enjoyable as you want it to be! Now go forth and stay fit.

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