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Melbourne has always been a popular tourist destination for travellers and families looking to take in the sights and experience the culture that the city offers in abundance. However, it is also a city that absolutely bleeds sport, and hosts some of the most well-known sporting events in Australia – and even the world.

If watching some fast-paced football, cheering your horse down the final straight or lazing back for five days of cricket seems like something you could get onboard with, then the southern city of Melbourne may just be the ultimate place for your next sporting holiday.

Horse Racing

The race that stops the nation: Ask anyone in Australia about the Melbourne Cup and they will tell you of their childhood memories of the teacher stopping the class and dragging in the television so everyone could enjoy this exhilarating sport.

It is the premier event of the racing spring carnival in Melbourne and usually attracts around 100,000 spectators in any given year. Whether you’re an avid punter or just there for a bit of fun, the electric atmosphere will sweep you up and carry you into the world of horse racing as soon as you enter the grounds.

It is often said that it is the hardest race of the year to pick a winner for, and a bit of luck never goes astray with the one. If you do fancy making a more educated guess, you could try using a tipping site such as Champion Bets, which has a proven record of picking winners. After all, as good as a day is at the races, it’s always a little sweeter when you walk away with a winner.


All of the four football codes are played in Melbourne, but Aussie Rules definitely has the largest following. No sporting holiday would be complete without experiencing the game that has captured the hearts of local fans since its integration into Australian culture. Ten of the competition’s eighteen teams are from Victoria so there are plenty of places to go and catch a game.

If you plan your trip right, you could even try and find yourself some of the much sought-after grand final tickets, where you will witness the game in its most extravagant form. This year’s attendance was a staggering 100,021 screaming footy fanatics, who all showed up to see the Richmond Tigers defeat the Adelaide Crows and win their first title in 37 years.


If the anticipation of the horses or the excitement of the football is a little too fast-paced for your liking, why not head to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and relax in the pavilion whilst sipping on a well-deserved vacation beverage.

National teams from all over the world compete here, with the Boxing Day test being the most iconic match of the year. Domestic games are also played throughout the summer and the newest of cricket’s formats, Twenty-20, is a fantastic way to soak up the atmosphere of the marvellous cricket ground.  

So if sports are your thing then you need look no further than Melbourne. Get together with your fellow admirers and start planning your trip today.  

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