• Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Ayna Davies, the founder and creator of Experience Cuba is innovating the way we travel with the creation of unique personalised tour packages across her home country of Cuba.


Ayna’s passion and immense knowledge of Cuban traditions and culture is calling on tourists to step beyond the four walls of their hotel room and immerse themselves in the rich Cuban lifestyle, in a way that suits them personally.


“Being Cuban, when I mention where I come from there are always a million questions,” Ayna said earlier today.


“What makes Cuba so different is the people, the music, the culture, the food, the tribulations, the mantequilla (butter).


“What we offer at Experience Cuba is a closer cultural experience than many other businesses do.”


Taking Ayna’s love for Cuba and passion for sharing her culture, Experience Cuba offers a variety of travel experiences, including tailored tours.  Their customised tours allow travellers to experience Cuba in a way that has been uniquely tailored to their interests, preferences and budget.  


Paired with the advice, wisdom and experience of Ayna and her partner Nick, Experience Cuba provides their clients with the ultimate opportunity to become a Cuban local but on their own terms.


“Our accommodation options include B&Bs, apartments and villas which have been handpicked based on high standards that perfectly reflect and exude Cuban culture,” Ayna said.


“Some of the tours and activities we offer are private and exclusive.  One of these tours is a day in my home town, Mariel – a tour that nobody else offers.”


These customisable tours take the work of a travel agent and add the personalised touch of local experience and a passion for the Cuban culture – providing the ideal opportunity for travellers to step outside the tourist bubble.


“We are from Cuba, we know it inside out and we have up to date accurate information about the country,” said Ayna.


“Our products are personalised and incredibly flexible.   As we deal with Cuba directly, there is very little we cannot do and our prices are very competitive for the services we offer.


“We aim for our clients to feel like more of a friend of the family rather than just a client.”



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