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  • Written by Candice Meisels

Warning: Crime increases during Christmas, New Year and the holidays.....
Natasha Morgan, security expert and founder of My Home Watch, shares her tips for preventing crime occurring in and around your home:
Get to know your neighbours. Exchange telephone numbers and keep your eyes open, being friendly with your neighbours can reduce prowling and burglary by reporting suspicious people or vehicles to police.
Lock up even when you are home. Even when you are at home, be aware of your home security and ensure doors and windows are secured, particularly in areas that are unoccupied.
Secure your home when you leave by locking all doors and windows. Many burglars simply enter through an unlocked door or window. Remove keys from internal doors and windows when you are not at home.
Door knockers. Just because someone has knocked on your door, doesn’t mean you have to be polite and let them in. If they are asking to use your phone or for assistance always ask the person to wait and the door. Find your phone and go back to the door with the screen locked to help them. If possible always stay inside your home and behind your screen door when speaking to people you don’t know.
Give your home the “lived in” look. When you’re out or away think about leaving a light on and the radio playing. Light timing devices are effective for this. Also make sure someone takes your bins in and puts them out, collects your mail, opens and closes your curtains etc. You can even scatter some kid's toys around the garden and leave some shoes out.
Turn your home phone down. I know we live in the age where mobile phones are most people’s home phone. However, if you do have a home phone and you like it loud, when you are not at home, adjust the ringing volume down on your telephone so it is not obvious the home is unoccupied.
Don’t be a silly billy. The most obvious one is DON’T leave a house key under the door mat or a pot plant, in the letterbox or in other obvious places. Thieves know exactly where to look.


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