• Written by Senator Abetz

Newly elected ACTU Secretary Sally McManus made the extraordinary statement on ABC 7.30 tonight that:

“I believe in the rule of law when the law is fair and when the law is right but when the law is unjust, I don’t think there’s a problem with breaking it.”

“This extraordinary statement from Australia’s foremost union boss is a complete disgrace and must be condemned by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as a matter of urgency,” Senator Abetz said tonight.

“In Australia, we live in a democracy and in circumstances where democratically elected Parliaments pass laws those laws must be obeyed by all – no ifs, no buts. This shocking insight just shows how out of touch union bosses have become with hard working union members who stand by the rule of law.”

“The ACTU must also release as a matter of urgency a full list of laws that it supports breaking. For example:

  • Does the ACTU support breaking the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act which tries to stop union corruption like that engaged in by Craig Thomson?
  • Does the ACTU support breaking harmonised Work Health and Safety Laws which keep decent workers safe at work?
  • Does the ACTU support breaking Julia Gillard’s own Fair Work Laws?
  • The list goes on.”

“Ms McManus’ troubling statement gives an insight into the workings of Australian union bosses who have no respect for our laws or our national democracy,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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