• Written by Senator Abetz

On 18 October, 2016, at Senate Estimates, the taxpayer-funded ABC unbelievably asserted that there is no bias on ABC radio or on Radio National despite an opinion piece from former ABC Media Watch host Jonathon Holmes stating that there is.

The ABC also said in response to questioning from a Coalition Senator that it would not hold a review into last night’s Four Corners programme because “we (the ABC) don’t launch inquiries into excellent pieces of journalism” – an outrageous and arrogant statement confirming they have already prejudged the issue making any complaint worthless.

“Like millions of taxpayers, I was hopeful that the new ABC Managing Director would try and tame the beast. Sadly, Ms Guthrie appears either unwilling or unable to accept that there are issues,” Senator Abetz said today.

“When you have the former Host of the ABC’s own MediaWatch pointing out a culture of left-wing bias within the ABC, you know there’s a serious problem.”

“Ms Guthrie’s repudiation of Mr Holmes shows that the Ultimo lefty love-in at the ABC has sadly taken hold.”

“Taxpayers who fund the ABC expect better. Ms Guthrie needs to tackle the lefty love-in,” Senator Abetz concluded.

The latest episode of #abetztimates can be viewed online here: https://youtu.be/cjsVEMAX_3E

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