Businesses are Looking for More Cost-Effective Ways to Develop Apps

  • Written by News Feature Team

There’s no question that mobile apps are one of the main features people use on their smartphones, not just here in Australia but all around the world. Where it used to be all about entertainment-based apps, today there is a real shift towards businesses offering mobile apps to their customers. Take a look at the banking and retail industry, which was among the first to offer mobile app solutions and options for their customers. The apps in this space have now taken off and account for some of the biggest downloads out there.

Apps are now seen as a value-added companion tool, so creating one for your clients/customers to use makes sense. On the flip side, businesses have quickly learned just how costly it can be to build an app, which is why there is now a push for more cost-effective measures.

It’s Not Always Cheaper In-House

One of the things that business owners are coming to recognise is that when it comes to building the app itself, it’s not always cheaper to keep it in-house. If the word “outsourcing” is something that has made you cringe in the past, it’s time to look at it differently.

Outsourcing the creation and development of an app means you’re going to be able to access cutting-edge tools, technology, ideas, and people who develop apps for a living and have a lot of experience and knowledge. This is something you won’t find within the walls of your own company.

A great example is appscore, which is a Sydney app firm dedicated to providing top-notch apps for their customers. They work hand-in-hand with Sydney-based brands in order to design an app that makes sense for that company, the industry, and the client/users. Their insight, experience, and knowledge will allow the project to be completed as efficiently and quickly as possible, which can result in cost savings.

Remember Apps Aren't Just for Big Businesses

One of the mistakes today's companies are making is assuming that apps are meant for large companies and corporations only. This isn't true at all. An app can be of benefit to any sized company if it is built right and keeps the client/user's needs in mind.

Giving Thought to the Platform

It is not just cost that businesses are giving more thought to; it’s also the platform. Deciding whether to offer the app as an Android, Mac, or both is something that is causing some businesses a lot of stress. As of March 2017, the Google Play store, which is Android, had more apps available than the Apple app store. Google offers 2.8 million compared to Apple's 2.2 million. Of course, just because Google Play offers more apps doesn’t automatically make it the better platform for your particular offering. Businesses are focusing on where their target audience is and how to market the app in the most cost-effective manner so that it gets downloaded.

Apps have changed the way people communicate, do business with one another, shop, and go about their daily life. There is no question that they are incredibly powerful tools for businesses to offer.

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