Best Characteristics To Look For With Sydney Divorce Lawyers

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Sydney divorce lawyers are specialists who will guide you through a taxing and tumultuous time when a separation has to take place. This is a sensitive moment for any individual who must take the correct legal steps to end a relationship, a scenario that becomes all the more complicated when children, assets and property comes into the equation.

The same principles will apply across the board when looking for Sydney divorce lawyers, no matter what region you are based in. From Warringah to Chippendale and Liverpool, an attorney that has earned their qualifications in this field of practice should be able to adhere to a series of essential benchmarks to ensure that you, the client, is receiving the best possible representation money can buy.

So whether you are in discussions with family members and friends about a lawyer or you are undertaking your own online and offline research endeavours, here we will identify the core characteristics that makes for an ideal divorce lawyer.

Filing For Divorce Grounds

In the unfortunate scenario that one spouse does not see a grounds for divorce and are fighting to uphold the relationship in a legal sense, then the representative has their work cut out. Anyone of the qualified Sydney divorce lawyers that you opt for should be able to provide evidence that would be grounds for a separation. This could arrive in the form of domestic violence, sexual harassment, alcoholism, adultery, desertion or a disability. In most cases a divorce will be agreed upon should one spouse seek to end the relationship, yet there are seldom scenarios where an attorney must take that extra step to prove just cause.

Conducting Mediation

In the alternative scenario where two parties are happy to sit at the negotiating table, then a conducive environment for mediation should make for an efficient proceeding. Experienced Sydney divorce lawyers that are equipped in this facet will ensure that there billing time is limited as the nature of the divorce will reflect the willingness of each spouse to move on as amicably as possible.

Protecting Property and Assets

If the client is pressed to fight their corner on property and assets, then your selected attorney has to have the willingness and capacity to undertake that endeavour. Sydney divorce lawyers will see this as an essential role in their practice, particularly as property value in the city continues to enhance as the market becomes more selective.

Child Custody and Guardianship

Sydney divorce lawyers have to deal with the vital matter of sorting and negotiating terms for child custody or guardianship. This will be determined by the willingness of each spouse to share custody or to fight for sole custody depending on the nature of the separation. It will also involve the fitness of each spouse to maintain custody following an independent assessment.

Effective and Transparent Communicator

Sydney divorce lawyers will be skilled in all manner of fields having passed the bar exam and qualified for their degree. One facet that is not tested in university is the capacity to communicate effectively and transparently with their clients. All information should be presented in a timely manner where the client is up to date on all relevant information. No hidden fees should emerge over the course of the representation and each step should be articulated with clarity.


Hiring Sydney divorce lawyers to fight your corner does not guarantee success for a case. If you have undertaken due diligence in selecting a representative from a trusted firm with experience, then you can be assured that you have given yourself the best possible opportunity to win out. Source Sydney divorce lawyers carefully.



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