3 Ways To Ensure Your Mechanic Isn’t Taking You For A Ride

  • Written by News Feature Team

A car in need of repairs can make for a dread-filled, gloomy time.

Firstly, there’s the cost-factor; it’s almost always more expensive to repair your car than you think. Then there’s the time-factor; it almost always will take longer to repair than you would think. Thirdly, there’s the trust factor; how will you know whether the repairs to your car are truly necessary, or whether the mechanic is trying to sell you ‘value added services’?


Below are three ways you can help to ensure your mechanic is the real deal, and not just taking you for a ride.


Do Your Research


With information freely accessible and widely available over the internet, there’s no excuse for ignorance when it comes to information about your car.


Do you suspect that your vehicle is running hot? Is the clutch sticking? A quick and cursory online check can be all you need to discover a greater world of information about your car. A little time investment in reading and understanding will help you to figure out exactly how your car works, and when it comes time to have costly repairs performed, this information will help you ask the right questions.


Other widely available information online is related to the specifics of your car.

Information on the cost of replacing parts and how quickly (and easily) these parts can be delivered to you are important bits of information when you’re negotiating an appropriate price with your mechanic.


With this research you will be better prepared to make the call to a skilled, appropriately accredited mechanic. Luckily, there is a trusted mobile mechanic Brisbane can offer you - with the bonus of not having to leave your home. Well-reputed help is just a phone call away.


Stay Regular


As a preventative measure, keeping a regular service schedule will ensure that your car is in optimum condition. As with our own health, a small and seemingly routine check-up can help identify problems while they’re still small, which will allow you to learn how to identify potential issues with your car. It will also allow you to save money through incremental repairs, while saving big dollars on potential major repairs.


Another benefit of this approach is that people who seek out regular auto-servicing often develop a rapport with their mechanic, and can tell the difference between a ‘value-added’ service and a necessary repair. Once you are familiar with your mechanic and their way of working, it’s much more easy to gauge intention and necessity and to ask questions more directly - without fear of embarrassment or ignorance.


As with any other valuable relationship, keeping a regular mechanic is dependant on good communication skills, and on trust. Try to keep of log of potential issues with your car and clearly relay these to your mechanic. They will appreciate the detail, and in return, they will come to understand that you’re as knowledgeable about your car as they are.


Talk Talk Talk


When it comes to car repairs, there’s no such thing as talking too much. Whether you’re talking to a friend, a colleague, or to other mechanics, it’s important to assess whether the price you’re paying and the services you’re receiving are fair and necessary.


When chatting with friends, ask where they’ve had their car repaired. It’s important to factor in the make of their car first - if you have a BMW and they have a Toyota, the discrepancy in price will be understandable and real. Try to compare like with like.


It’s also wise to make use of mechanics with a ‘free quote’ service. Call or visit mechanics offering this service, and see how much they change for the same service. If there’s a pricing consensus, you can rest more easily knowing that you’re being fairly charged. If the pricing varies wildly, then you’re either being taken for a ride, or being offered a lower level of service. It’s important to do your research so that you can spot the difference.

Knowledge is the most important weapon when it comes to cutting costs on the repair of your car. A little bit of time spent researching your car will reward you through enhanced confidence, greater understanding of auto-mechanic discourse, and will give you the details you need so that you can most effectively negotiate prices and services with your mechanic.

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