New Australian online technology retailer disrupting the market

  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Australia has a new consumer electronics brand by the name of SMATE and it is achieving remarkable growth.

Founded by Sydney entrepreneur and telecommunications engineer, Sunny Bhasin, SMATE boasts a range of Australian designed consumer electronics products including televisions, sound bars and headphones.

SMATE products are sold online and delivered to customers’ front doors within days. The business also boasts a Sydney based customer service centre so all calls and inquiries are received and managed in Australia. In addition to its own sales website, SMATE has already been picked up by Grays Online, Amazon and several other sales channels.

Positive product reviews from established and respected reviewers are also starting to pop up across the online technology sector. SMATE is now also receiving interest from various overseas markets including the United States and India. Bhasin comes to the technological scene with a background in electronics engineering, telecommunications and management.

He identified a gap in the market where there were plenty of cheap online electronics retailers, but many have forsaken customer service and quality for a cheaper price tag. “SMATE combines the convenience of online shopping with the reliability and service of a bricks and mortar business for consumer electronics,” Bhasin said today. “I really wanted to provide the latest great quality products, from a reliable source with quick delivery, strong warranties and a fantastic customer service team. “Not everyone has the time to travel to a store, chat to a salesperson and really narrow down what they want.

SMATE offers a trusted online alternative with a five-star customer service guarantee. “Our customers are coming from all over Australia. There is quite a bit of competition from online retailers and traditional bricks and mortar retailers, but the market has been dominated for too long and consumers are constantly evolving and looking for new services. “Expanding on my past experiences, I really wanted to build a business that would contribute to the economy and improve the lives of every day Australians.

SMATE supports the design, supply, distribution and customer service processes all right here at home, in Australia. “We are determined to support Australian industry and Australian jobs. “Based on my personal experience, SMATE is positioned to be fully focused on the customer with a dedicated local customer-base. We want to offer cheaper products without sacrificing the quality and necessary support for setup, installation and troubleshooting. “I would like to run a quality Australian retailer that consumers can be proud to associate with as a brand.”

SMATE’s mission is to provide the means to fulfil, and advance, the technological requirements of the everyday modern Australian.


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