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While the concept of coworking actually dates back to the nineties, many major cities had to wait until the mid-noughties to get their first shared offices. Now, it’s a decade later, and these innovative facilities are everywhere you look. It has become very easy, for example, to find a great co-working space with Servcorp in Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth.


So, it’s not difficult to register with a shared workspace. What about picking the right one? This is a big decision, especially if you’re an entrepreneur in charge of a small team. The dynamic and atmosphere have to be right, or you might have problems staying productive. Ideally, you need a coworking space which is a perfect match for all the things you care about.


Keep reading for some advice on finding a coworking space which supports and nourishes your company culture.


Step One: Identify Your Company Style


The typical shared office user is either a ‘solo-preneur’ or part of a small team in a start-up venture. Ultimately, coworking is for everybody and these facilities welcome people from all walks of life, but the creative aspect tends to favour flexible groups. So, if you’re a new company trying to get a hold on the market, coworking could be right for you.


This is because it offers extensive cost benefits. Sharing space means that you don’t have to invest heavily in commercial real estate before you’ve even had a chance to make any cash. Plus, there are all kinds of offices available; everything from female only workspaces to tech hubs, green enterprises, and buildings with gyms, restaurants, and coffee houses.


If you don’t have specific environmental parameters (like female only), it is best to register with a fairly general facility. These vendors put a lot of time and money into the creation of flexible, agile workspaces. Most importantly, they include a variety of workstations, so that users can switch back and forth between collaborative and private areas as needed.


Step Two: Find a Matching Office


Some of your requirements will be very straightforward. High-speed broadband, for instance, is essential in a modern, smooth functioning coworking space. Others will be more specific to your routines. Not everybody needs access to conference centres and boardrooms. On the other hand, you may not need them now, but you could in the future.


This is why it is best to work with a provider that offers entirely flexible terms. You should be able to add or omit services from your monthly premium or access things like boardroom facilities as a one off service. That way, you’re only paying for the resources you require, rather than what a provider is forcing you to purchase.


Step Three: Arrange a Trial Run


The best providers understand that there’s always going to be a degree of uncertainty about this kind of service in the beginning. This is why many choose to offer trial periods and introductory offers. One of the greatest things about shared offices is that they rarely ask for a long term commitment.


They are built on principles of flexibility and logistical agility, so it doesn’t make sense to demand that tenants sign a lock in lease. Therefore, even if a provider doesn’t offer a trial period, it’s unlikely that you’ll get stuck in an unsuitable arrangement. If you spend a week or two using the shared space and it isn’t what you expected, you can simply ask to withdraw.


How to Find a Fantastic Coworking Space in Sydney


You’ll be pleased to know that Australia is home to a number of superb, highly respected coworking facilities. You’ll find them in Melbourne, Wollongong, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and more. There is actually more than eleven coworking suites in Sydney. The city sits at the heart of all the action when it comes to launching, developing, and growing businesses.


The finest coworking offices are always located in the busiest, most prestigious parts of the country. For Australia, this means right at the centre of the financial and retail districts. With an address as highly regarded as the Octagon Building or the Westfield Tower 2, interest from big investors is pretty much guaranteed.


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