• Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

According to David Lennon, founder of ‘You’re Welcome Finance, and also known as the ‘Personal Loan Guy’, more needs to be done to educate people about the risks and costs of payday loans. 


“While payday loans provide people with a fast and easy way to get money.  Some payday loan providers are offering loans with interest rates of up to 47%, Mr Lennon said today.


“The problem with payday loans is that they can be sourced online.  So while it is convenient to source funds this way, most people do not understand the real costs of taking out this type of loan. 


“There are many instances of people who receive payday loan funds and within a short time of receiving the money, are then offered the ability to borrow more money sending them into a vicious spiral of debt.  


“Not only do some providers charge really high annual percentage rates, they also charge establishment fees and then impose hefty fees and other charges.


“The added challenge for people is that because many payday loan providers are online, it is near impossible to contact anyone to discuss issues when you get in to trouble or need help.


“The other danger is that every time someone applies for a payday loan, the loan provider checks the person’s credit score.   Payday loans are often used by people in financial distress.   Every time a person’s credit score is checked, this history is visible to other lenders and can affect a person’s credit rating.


“This can become a huge issue and can effectively lock people out of mainstream finance for the rest of their lives’


Digital Finance Analytics recently reported that online payday lenders have led to an explosion in short-term loans to Australians in financial distress, with the industry now on track to pass $1 billion for the first time in 2018.


“Payday loans have also become really popular among the 24 – 35 year old age bracket because they have grown up with the internet and are comfortable transacting online,” Mr Lennon added.


“This is one of the reasons why I established You’re Welcome Finance, so we could offer the market an online and convenient means to access money quickly in the form of traditional personal loans. 


“A lot of people think traditional personal loans involve a slow process and years ago they did.  Today, using the latest technology we can process loan applications every quickly fast tracking approvals and the receipt of funds for people, particularly young people, who are often given a hard time by banks and other financial institutions.


“Personal loan rates are much more affordable and generally don’t involve the high costs that payday loans include.


“My advice to people is to look at personal loans instead of payday loans.  Today’s personal loans are convenient flexible products which involve much lower interest rates than payday loans and are usually provided by lenders who are interested in building a relationship not just sending you into debt.”



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