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Did you just get your braces? Or are you having an appointment with your orthodontist to have them soon? Well, if yes it’s good you learn how to take extra care of your oral hygiene while having braces. Braces will help you to a have a good healthy smile only if you maintain a healthy oral routine with them. You may think that your dental problem has come to an end as long as you have the braces, but you’re wrong. If you relax and not take proper care of your teeth and braces your teeth may become worse instead of getting better. Here is how you should ensure you take good care of your braces.

  1. Thorough cleaning.

You may be used to brushing your teeth once or twice in a day before your orthodontic treatment. Now you’ll have to walk around with your toothbrush as with braces you're required to brush your teeth after every meal and that includes snacks. Use the toothbrush that is recommended by your orthodontist such as an electric toothbrush. Use fluoride toothpaste and rinse your mouth more often with fluoride mouthwash.

  • Rinse out your mouth before you start brushing; this helps to remove any food particles from your mouth.

  • Remove interarch rubber bands when brushing and replace them every day.

  • Start brushing your teeth in a circular motion gently but applying more pressure.

  • Floss using a thread, each tooth at a time every day before you sleep; to remove any food particles that may be stacked in between your teeth or the bracket of your braces.

  • Be gentle to avoid damaging your braces.

  • If your braces are removable, remove and clean them separately.

Removable braces can be removed when you’re eating or playing to put a mouth guard.


  1. Avoid some food.

When you’ll have your braces, your orthodontist will advise you on what food to take and what to leave. Make sure to always follow his advice. High acidity food and hard food should be avoided as much as possible. This includes; pineapple, soft drinks, apples and sticky food. Sugary foods should also be avoided. Can You Chew Gum With Braces?

If you have ceramic braces, keep away from taking drinks such as coffee and wine to avoid staining your braces.

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

Having the braces doesn't mean that you're safe and need not see your dentist anymore. In fact, this is the time you should see your dentist more often for regular checkups. The dentist will check for cavities, gum disease or any other oral infection and treat it or advise you accordingly. Remember your mouth is more prone to infection when you’ve braces.

In case you notice any damage on the brace such us wire breaking, do not hesitate to let your orthodontist know about it as well. Remember the more you take care of your braces the less the time you’ll stay with them.


Braces may be uncomfortable, but they will help you achieve the smile you always desire at the end. Always maintain a good oral hygiene by following the orthodontist advice and you’ll have them removed with no time.

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