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Just like anybody else in the working world, freelancers need to take a break from work once in a while. The advantage that remote workers have over those working in more traditional working environments is that they can put their feet up whenever they like, and chill out at home until they are ready to work again. This is one of the many reasons the freelance life is sought after.


But on those busy work days when getting out the house isn’t an option, freelancers still need a space to take a break that is within their four walls. Here are four great examples of ways to escape the writing desk within the home:


Enjoying Your Lunch Break


Imagine what the office boss would say if, when taking your lunch break, you crashed on a sofa and watched an episode of Breaking Bad. It probably wouldn’t go down so well, so it’s just as well you’re a freelancer who can do whatever you like. Take pleasure from the little things, like the ability to be a couch potato once in a while, and enjoy your lunch breaks in maximum comfort before heading back to the grind. You should also invest in some great kit, such as a big screen TV and something cool to put it on. You can find the latter at https://www.retrodesigns.com.au.


Enjoy the Garden


During those warmer days, there’s no better way to take a break from work than sitting in the garden with an ice-cold drink and embracing all that is good with the world. The garden should be seen as the perfect escape from the working day without having to wander out to the local park.


When you’re not working, take the time to optimise your garden for taking breaks. Get plenty of flowers and plants growing, some nice furniture to sit on, and do whatever you can to attract local wildlife, in the form of the birds and the bees. A tranquil garden will set you up nicely for when you head back to the home office.


Make the Kitchen Your Friend


Many freelancers become domestic gods or goddesses because of the amount of time they spend at home. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill while you work, and one of the most popular is learning how to be a better cook. There aren’t many better ways to take your mind off your work than spending a bit of time prepping your meals or using your downtime to read up on recipes you’ve got your mind (and taste buds) on.


Create a Home Workout Space


Working from home can be deadly for the waist, as the commute to work is taken away and the ability to keep your own hours means that you focus more on getting clients and your work completed than tracking your calories and going to the gym. In order to kill a few birds with one stone, why not invest in converting a space in your home into a workout space. This way, you can spend time away from work burning calories, rather than drinking tea and eat biscuits on the sofa, even if that does sound like more fun, and a lot less painful.

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