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Having your own office can be exciting, and if you’ve only just started running a business or being in charge of the office, there’s no doubt that you’ve thought about all the potential things you could do to make it a better place to work. Here are a few of the things you can consider for upgrading the office this year and making it more productive, comfortable and efficient.


  1. Invest in convertible desks

This is a great way to save some space around the office while also creating more space and compartments. Rather than having traditional desks that can only be used in one or two different ways, have desks which can convert into larger tables, open up into drawers and storage space and also move around conveniently so you never have to dread rearranging the office plan.

  1. Upgrade the photocopiers and printers

Companies like CSG will be able to guide you through the available options and help you decide which gadgets would be best for use in your office. If you don’t use much paper and you’re trying to be environmentally friendly in your office, there are eco-friendly printers that you can use. These might not work as quickly as the other printers, so if you’re printing constantly in the office, this might not be the ideal option. Using a specialised company is a great way to find out exactly what you need and how much money you really need to spend in order to run your business efficiently and professionally.

  1. Buy interactive whiteboards

These are clever and cool as well as being very useful and valuable for your business in general. You might think that whiteboards should be left in school, but you’ll be amazed at just how great they can be at keeping people engaged and focused during meetings. Not only do whiteboards give people the chance to share their thoughts in a more creative manner, but also it’s an easier way for everybody involved to see exactly what is going on. For people who learn and remember things easier when they see it in front of them, you can use interactive whiteboards to help cater for everybody in the office.

  1. Save energy with solar chargers

These usually come in small versions, but if you have a lot of natural daylight in your office, why not consider getting some energy from the sun by having a solar USB charger? You can impress your employees, peers and customers will how much you’re trying to save the planet, but apart from that, you’ll find yourself saving a few extra dollars each year on energy.

  1. Cut out the noise with a silent mouse

This isn’t for everybody, as some people in the office like to have some background noise going on. However, if you’re sick of hearing all the clicking from around the office, invest in a silent mouse for every desk in the office and you’ll have a more peaceful workday.

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