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  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

Accounting and training expert and CEO of Platinum Professional Training, Coco Hou, has good ‘career’ advice for workers at xmas and new year time, “don’t make any rash decisions about your job or your career.  Instead think about re-engineering how you approach your work or undertake training and self development courses”.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, January is the month employees are most likely to think about changing jobs, with almost one in five citing this as the most popular month to make a move.


“For some reason, xmas is the time of year many people tend to re-evaluate their job, employer and career direction,” Ms Hou said today.


“I think it is because we get to the end of the year and reflect on what we have achieved throughout the year.   It is also a time when we think about our salary, the amount of hours we are investing in our job and the stress levels involved.


“A lot of people feel tired, stressed and a bit burnt out.   This is often the worst time to make a significant job or career decision.   Unfortunately many people change jobs or throw their job in when they are feeling like this, and wish in hindsight they hadn’t.  The concept of ‘job change regret’ is real and very common.


“My advice is to avoid making major career decisions when you are feeling exhausted.  Instead, take a break, restore your energy levels, catch up with friends and family and find time to engage in things that are invigorating and enjoyable.  Have a bit of fun.  When you return to work, focus on four things:


. Change the way you work.   Focus on trying to make your role or work more meaningful.  Look at taking on another task or responsibility that you find fulfilling.  While this may increase your workload, you may find that it helps you to feel happier about heading to work every day.    If you can’t do this, it may be possible to re-engineer how you do certain tasks to make them more enjoyable


. Undertake a course or program of professional development.  Speak to your employer about undertaking an employer funded course or training.   In addition, look online at different types of training courses, development or self improvement options that are available.   There are many options which provide professional development as well as personal development.  This may assist you to feel re-energised about your career and workplace


. Enhance your workplace relationships.  Workplaces often involve a broad spectrum of people.   Make an effort to get to know more people in your organisation or those involved with your workplace such as suppliers, clients and strategic partners.   Offer to mentor other staff.  


Various studies undertaken across a range of workplaces show that even short-term connections, especially when they are high quality, can be reinvigorating.    


. Rethink how you view your work.   Is your glass half full or is it half empty?  The way you view your work can have an impact on how you enjoy your job.  Focus on the outcomes you are assisting to deliver, rather than the day to day tasks.     By doing this, you may find more meaning in your work.   Recognise that every job has its ups and downs and this is a normal part of work.  


“If you have genuinely tried to make the best of your work and you still find yourself wanting change, then implement change with a clear head in a planned and organised way.   Take the necessary steps to get yourself prepared so that the change you make is well thought out, well implemented and above all, in your long term interests.”


Coco Hou, is the Managing Director of Platinum Professional Training.   Platinum is one of Australia’s largest accounting training and internship providers with offices across all major Australian cities.  Coco Hou is also a CPA qualified accountant and Managing Director of Platinum Accounting.




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