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  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

All over the country, people are experiencing unbelievable improvements in their health simply by taking 'ultra antioxidants'.    Not much is really known about ultra antioxidants, but they are 12 times more powerful than normal antioxidants and are created right here in Australia.   In simple terms antioxidants stop cells from mutating.  It is accepted by all scientists that mutating cells cause most cancer.   If we stop cells from mutating, we stop cancer. 

What started as a PhD thesis for the University of Newcastle, where Dr Vincent Candrawinata (Dr Vincent) was manipulating water molecules to extract phenolic antioxidants from apples without any of the usual chemical solvents, has now developed into a company, brand and all-Australian world first product.    Renovatio means new life in Latin, and this is exactly what Dr Vincent is giving people according to many who are taking the products.   Since Dr Vincent's ultra antioxidant 'Renovatio' products hit the market last year, people have been taking the ultra antioxidant powder and tablets daily and have witnessed extraordinary improvements. 

"One woman has contacted me to let me know that she was experiencing chronic arthritis in her foot.   She had even been having cortizone injections in her foot to try and reduce the inflammation.   She then told me that after she took my product she firmly believes her arthritis has improved significantly," Dr Vincent said today.

"Another man contacted me recently and told me that since taking my product, he believes his chronic back pain has eased and he is now able to get back to work again.

"My ultra antioxidant product is created from apples and nothing else.    The world has known about ultra antioxidants for many years, but no one has ever been able to extract them from food without using chemical solvents until I made the breakthrough discovery.  

"Basically, I have created the world's most potent antioxidant and I am so happy when people tell me it is changing their lives. 

“As far as antioxidants go, ultra antioxidants are like the holy grail of dietary antioxidants – in that they are the most potent ones.

“The technical term for ultra antioxidants is Phenolic antioxidants.   Basically they move through the body mopping up and clearing out cell damaging and mutating free radicals.   They are like ‘super hero’, ‘super strength’ versions of normal antioxidants with awesome powers. 

“I selected Apples to extract the phenolics from because they contain the highest concentration of phenolic antioxidants of any fruit.

“Growing up you are always told ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, so there may be some truth in that.  The phenolic antioxidants in apples do fantastic things for the human body like protecting us from inflammation and cell mutations.   World-wide research has shown for decades that cell mutations are a leading cause of cancer and other serious degenerative diseases."

Most people are of the view that if we can stop cells mutating, we can stop most cancer.  

“The Activated Phenolics Powder that I have developed is the most potent dietary antioxidant available.  It is entirely natural, 100% Australian made and derived from only quality Australian produce," Dr Vincent added. 

 “I have also developed Activated Phenolic Antioxidant tablets that uniquely contain phenolic antioxidants which have been naturally extracted to be highly potent and easily absorbed by the body.

“As my antioxidants are water soluble and 100% natural, they are closer to being super superfoods than a supplement as we traditionally know them.

“Research has shown very promising indications that phenolic antioxidants could be a key to helping prevent types of cancer, helping in the recovery of those with cancers and fighting other serious conditions caused by cell mutations and inflammation in the body.”

Dr Vincent is producing and distributing his innovative range of activated phenolics through his company Renovatio Bioscience (Renovatio).    Renovatio has released an initial range of products and Dr Vincent and his team at Renovatio are working on the development and release of further products including skin care items.



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