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Everyone uses a phone to keep in touch with family and friends. It doesn't matter whether people use a basic throwaway prepaid or the latest smart device from Apple, Samsung, Sony or Google, almost everyone has a phone.

For business people, a phone is more. It is how they make their money. They run their business enterprise on the phone. Almost everyone who works in or for a business has a smartphone. People can even run a business using a smartphone with Internet access. There are all sorts of business productivity apps that can be installed. They enable users to plan their day, keep in touch with contacts, create documents and so much more.

Developers are continually creating new apps and features for the smartphones from the major brands. Fortunately, business people and other people with a smartphone, do not have to buy a new one every few months because they can update their phone online as new operating systems and apps become available.

It is the same with the smartphone itself as the World's best case and screen protector manufacturers are bringing out new products all the time. I came across a great selection of iphone cases for my device. I had an older style very thin plastic screen protector and I found a thicker and harder version that was almost like glass online. When it arrived in the mail I installed it myself. The result is that my phone is now highly protected from impact and scratches.

Smartphone cases also add additional levels of protection. There are some that are magnetised and enable people to stick their phones to metal surfaces, others protect from coffee and water damage or even the devastating accidental drop screen shatter.

Business people cannot afford to lose their phone or suffer phone damage that stops access to data. They lose access to contacts and suffer down time while their phone is being repaired. Business people, more than the rest of us, should consider investing in a strong but flexible smartphone case.

The small cost of a case is a great way to protect a big communication device investment.

Phone cases and covers are more than protection devices. There are fashion covers and cases made from exotic materials that not only protect, they look good too! Business people can make a very favourable impression when they produce a modern phone with a smart looking leather cover.

Everyone who owns a smartphone should protect it. The small cost of the World's best phone covers and cases should not be an issue when you consider the value of an iPhone, Google Pixel or Galaxy. A few dollars can save a lot of money on expensive repairs or even the cost of a new phone if it is accidentally damaged beyond repair.

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