Surprise Your Partner with a Gift – But What?

  • Written by News Feature Team

It’s probably far too long since you last did something unexpected for your partner, but sometimes this can make buying a spontaneous gift an extremely pressured task. You don’t want to get a bland response or, worse, to make your partner mad by revealing that you don’t know them very well. There are thousands of gifts and ways to treat your partner that anyone would love – but the most important piece of advice here is to think about what your partner needs right now. It might be worth getting a list together, or paying more attention to how they entertain themselves.


A Trip


You could take your partner away for a short break. This is always impressive because of the effort and forward thinking necessary to plan any trip, so make sure that you do more than just buying tickets if this is what you decide. Have the transport, accommodation and activities all organised in advance so that all you and your partner have to do is relax and enjoy yourselves.


Something You Don’t Want to Do


There’s nothing wrong with getting your partner a gift or trip that they’ll experience on their own, particularly if they’re the kind of person who enjoys their alone time. Did your partner used to go deep sea fishing? Or have they always dreamed of hiking in the outback? Encourage them to do something that they wouldn’t normally do, or even something that they’ll be surprised you thought of. If you’re a busy family, you could even give the time itself as a gift; take the kids out for an evening and suggest they get a takeaway or do something else that will be a treat for them.




It’s a timeless gift, and it can come in any number of forms. Everybody loves nice food, and when you’re buying an edible gift you have an incredibly wide variety of choice. Buy something that’s clearly a luxury, that reminds them of a past moment in your relationship, and something exclusive, that they wouldn’t have found by themselves. If you’ve been to Tasmania before, for example, they might miss the intensely high-quality dessert and sweet goods of the island’s produce. Get them a gourmet gift they won’t be expecting, and let them enjoy tea, chocolate, nuts, wine, and many other Tasmanian products, which you can order here: www.tasmaniangourmetgifts.com.au


Expensive Equipment


If your partner has had a hobby their whole life then they probably feel limited in the amount of money they can spend on it these days. Most hobbies require some expensive equipment – it could be running shoe, a fishing reel, a tent, a tennis racket, a bicycle – and you’ll look like you really care if you can get them something that they genuinely want. However, when you’re spending a lot of money on somebody it’s important to get the right thing. You don’t want them wishing they could’ve chosen the gift because they think they could’ve used the money more effectively. Read about the equipment they already have on the internet, or ask their friends what your partner could do with.

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