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  1. What housing costs could tell us about votes in the election
  2. Will more dead actors be coming to a theater near you?
  3. Australian downloaders take heart. Canadians have been in the same boat for 3 years.
  4. It turns out there's truth to 'dead battery bounce' after all
  5. Politicians need to be taught how to tweet ... and so do the rest of us
  6. Should all university lectures be automatically recorded?
  7. Rahm Emanuel's victory reflects Chicago politics, not a blueprint for Democratic Party
  8. Manifesto Check: Plaid Cymru's sports policy – a good shot, but missed opportunity
  9. Where and what is happening in your brain when you sleep?
  10. Utah's firing squad plan is another twist in America's long quest for a perfect execution method
  11. Wind costs more than you think due to massive federal subsidies
  12. Why ocean energy needs a cyberinfrastructure to thrive
  13. W(h)ither the Liberal Arts?
  14. How the brain reads music: the evidence for musical dyslexia
  15. Are we in the midst of an ice epidemic? A snapshot of meth use in Australia
  16. Napoleon's battle for Parisian hearts largely took place on stage
  17. As battle for Aden rages, Yemen is set for a messy and violent future
  18. Turkish view remains neglected in our understanding of Gallipoli
  19. Energy White Paper promises privatisation and lower prices: experts respond
  20. Ex-AMA chief Glasson throws hat into Senate ring
  21. When jihadists post selfies the government struggles to respond
  22. How a group of Dominicans were stripped of their nationality and now face expulsion to Haiti
  23. Chlorine attacks continue in Syria with no prospect of Assad being brought to account
  24. State of the nation: inequality rising shows we’re not ‘all in this together’
  25. Same-sex marriage in Finland means standing up to Russia
  26. Amazon Dash is a first step towards an internet of things that is actually useful
  27. Internet of things devices meant to simplify our lives may end up ruling them instead
  28. We can avoid mass extinction, but time is running out
  29. Extending dividend benefits to foreign investors may address competition concerns
  30. Install smart meters to cut power costs, Macfarlane tells households
  31. Explainer: what is placenta?
  32. Ian North's Antarctic artworks evoke the beauty and terror of our era
  33. Students with autism need targeted attention – not a cage
  34. Experts caution Australia on unilateral 'Google tax'
  35. Payday lending trap requires a credit supply rethink
  36. Copyright trumps privacy in Dallas Buyers Club ruling
  37. Australian politics' Kodak moment spells trouble for the major parties
  38. We've scrubbed Dennis Nona's art from our galleries to our cost
  39. Safety before profits: why cosmetic surgery is ripe for regulation
  40. Stopping corporate tax avoidance in a house of smoke and mirrors
  41. Broader base, not a higher rate the answer for GST reform
  42. Group of Eight's change of tack smacks of self-interest
  43. Online harassment is a form of violence
  44. A new website shows how global warming could change your town
  45. Why the Paris climate talks won’t be another Copenhagen
  46. Australians should learn from Canadians' big census mistake
  47. Corporate tax cuts help big business and small firms pay the price
  48. Russell Crowe's Water Diviner tries to question history, but misses the mark
  49. First job for the next education minister: avoid a teacher strike over school budgets
  50. Explainer: how do minority governments survive?

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