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  1. Welcome to blandsville? Myer and David Jones embrace grocery-style streamlining
  2. How to value research that crosses more than one discipline
  3. Don't fear the skyscraper – why London needs more tall buildings
  4. After Obama comes the big challenge for Africa's entrepreneurs
  5. Jack the Ripper, a women's history museum and London's fascination with all things gory
  6. Explainer: how viruses can fool the immune system
  7. Adam Goodes, dignity and Aboriginal men: what the research says
  8. Kenya is a breastfeeding success story but still has its challenges
  9. Policing plagiarism could make universities miss the real problems
  10. Chadian dictator's tactics mimic script of former rulers facing criminal charges
  11. American disease that's wreaking havoc on the Cape's honeybee population
  12. OECD survey strengthens case against VAT increase in South Africa
  13. Telstra on the TV casting couch to trump its telco peers
  14. Books at MIFF: how The Dressmaker was adapted into a film starring Kate Winslet
  15. VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on Bronwyn Bishop
  16. Stop, go back, the NDIS board shake-up is going the wrong way
  17. Ken Wilber a climate denier? Say it ain't so
  18. Here's an idea to chew over: GST reform should add meat to the tax buffet
  19. Building blocks of life found among organic compounds on Comet 67P – what Philae discoveries mean
  20. Self-building 3D printed bricks hint at future without assembly lines
  21. Digging deep into the past to see the future of climate change
  22. Should MOOCs be used as credit for high school?
  23. We all know and admire the Haka ... so why not one of our own?
  24. The five most common mistakes a growing company makes - and how to fix them
  25. Differences between men and women are more than the sum of their genes
  26. Reviewing an anachronism? Labor to debate future of socialist objective
  27. Grattan on Friday: Bishop adopts Abbott's tactic of contrition but absolution is something else
  28. Japan's 'sacred' rice farmers brace for Pacific trade deal's death sentence
  29. Give existing reforms a chance to kill patent trolls
  30. Extreme droughts weaken trees' ability to soak up carbon
  31. Hillary Clinton stakes out safe political ground with energy and climate plan
  32. Aircraft debris looks like it's from MH370 – now can we find the rest?
  33. Burma's path to democracy is being wrecked by lethal identity politics
  34. Climate change means we can't keep living (and working) in glass houses
  35. After the case of the disinherited daughter, is a will worth the paper it's written on?
  36. Why Greece's third bailout package is bound to fail
  37. China's stock market is so unstable, even the government can't control it
  38. Museums are becoming more playful ... in how they ask us for money
  39. Should we love Uber and Airbnb or protest against them?
  40. The debate over Cecil the lion should be about conservation, not hunting
  41. Is it a case of 'the younger, the better' for children learning a new language?
  42. Here's why scientists haven't invented an impossible space engine – despite what you may have read
  43. Lord Sewel affair is a symptom of Britain's broken democracy
  44. With so much vested in satellites, solar storms could bring life to a standstill
  45. Between a rock and a hard place: 2022 Winter Olympics decision
  46. Which paintings were the most creative of their time? An algorithm may hold the answers
  47. What is happening to civilians trapped in eastern Ukraine's war zone?
  48. It's true: happier students get higher grades
  49. How can we prevent the UN's Sustainable Development Goals from failing?
  50. Arrow and philosophy, part 3: homecoming and combat trauma

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