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  1. Pollsters v bookies: who's on the money in election 2015?
  2. Women's magazines could play a role in promoting natural births
  3. Flake is sustainable gummy shark, except when it's not
  4. Death of Kadhem Abbas highlights the dilemmas of migrant life
  5. VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on Australia's response to Indonesian executions
  6. Playwriting doesn't get better or worse – but it does evolve
  7. Bali Nine response must manage power shift in Indonesian relations
  8. Heretics
  9. Opportunity the unlikely culprit holding back female participation
  10. The pillars of creation - a glimpse into how stars are born
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  13. Party leaders on Question Time: how did they do?
  14. Question Time election debate was people power at its best
  15. Grattan on Friday: Australia-Indonesia relationship will never be easy
  16. Speaking with: Peter Singer on effective altruism
  17. Tariffs could fix both immigration policy and people smuggling
  18. No brain, no pain: it is in the mind, so test results can make it worse
  19. Here's how to get kids to remember times tables
  20. One in six species faces extinction as a result of climate change
  21. Danny Alexander may have captured the public mood with benefits cuts leak
  22. Nepal's recovery: can international aid community break entrenched patterns?
  23. Why is diabetes killing so many teenagers?
  24. Could a Supreme Court ruling decide the same-sex marriage argument or set off another round in the culture wars?
  25. What works and doesn't in disaster health response
  26. Depth of SNP support bucks a political trend that has held since the 1970s
  27. Honouring free speech or hate speech? Writers weigh in on award to Charlie Hebdo
  28. Russian spacecraft falling to Earth poses no danger – we have survived bigger objects
  29. The only thing we have to fear is dodgy crime reporting
  30. Danny Alexander's last-minute leak: poor form but good politics
  31. Making ISPs enforce age checks for porn puts responsibility where it might actually count
  32. Europe must stop shifting the blame for the migrant crisis
  33. The next government will need to heed housing, if we're to avoid another financial crisis
  34. Who has achieved most out of the coalition – the Tories or Lib Dems?
  35. Four things Labour can do to win back Scotland (after May 7)
  36. Why the Lib Dems are wrong to run on policies, not values
  37. What the last year of debate over higher education has taught us
  38. British expats feel neglected, but will it show at the ballot box?
  39. Seven reasons why the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will be biggest grossing in history
  40. The Sun's SNP-Tory split shows newspaper endorsements aren't what they used to be
  41. Privatising ransom payments will reduce returns to terrorism
  42. Tesla batteries: just the beginning of how technology will transform the electric grid
  43. The Vietnam War, the American War and the 'bridge generation'
  44. Phony classes hamstring college athletes' careers off the field
  45. The social graph won't save us from what's wrong with online reviews
  46. With new dietary guidelines in the works, what exactly are we supposed to eat?
  47. After years of talk, a regulator is willing to take on Google
  48. Teslas in Victoria aren't greener than diesels
  49. Plunging to Earth: space station refuelling craft is out of control
  50. US government prefers to remember Vietnam in platitudes

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