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How To Do Your Own Pest Inspection When You Want To Buy A Property

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One of the first things you learn in real estate is that you need to do a property inspection whenever you want to buy anything. This is because you never know what can be hidden beyond what you initially see. While most people check the obvious aspects, like plumbing and electrical systems, few actually do what is needed to check and see if there is a pest infestation problem that has to be taken care of.

It needs to be said that the best thing you could do is to hire professional pest control Perth service providers. Their experience is highly valuable and any problem can be identified. However, in many cases you do not have the luxury of contacting the pest removers for a check. If this is your situation, here are some tips to help you perform your very own pest inspection.

Identify Problem Areas

The first thing you want to do is to identify the problem areas that make the property attractive for pests. Walk around property perimeter and look for:

  • Shrubs and branches that touch property structure.

  • Tall grasses or brushes.

  • Pine needles or mulch.

  • Gutters that are obstructed.

  • Areas that are moist or standing water.

  • Lawn debris like wood piles, grass clippings and leaf piles.

All of these can be problem areas.

Look For Access Points

After inspecting the perimeter you want to look at the basement, attic, main floor and all present crawlspaces. Think about areas that allow pests like roaches or rodents to enter. The most common access points that can be mentioned are:

  • Missing or torn window screens.

  • Large crevices or cracks along home foundation or around door and window frames.

  • Gaps present around wires, pipes and cables leading towards the home.

  • Broken or loose bush guards and weather stripping around the doors.

  • Lack of or missing vent covers.

Look For Pests

The last thing you absolutely have to do is to identify pests that are maybe already present on the property. This is quite useful in the event you notice them because you can learn more about what treatment would be needed to eliminate an infestation already present. If active infestations are found, you can expect to have to make serious investments to eliminate pests after buying the property. Some active infestation signs you can notice during your own inspection include:

  • Disturbed property areas. Examples can include lawn mounds, wood that is chewed or nesting materials that are gathered.

  • Animal feces found around structures or inside crawl spaces.

  • Actual insects or animals noticed inside the property or outside it.

Final Thoughts

All signs you identify are important and have to be addressed. Make sure that you discuss your findings during the negotiation process. Whenever there are clear signs of infestation present you want to start talking about some price deductions because you will need to contact pest removal services to help you. If the signs you find hint at a possible presence of pests you should just get an estimate or discuss doing an official pest infestation handled by a professional before negotiations go further.



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