Australia election political meeting season begins for ALA candidate Bernard Gaynor

  • Written by Greg Rogers
Senate Candidate for Queensland Bernard Gaynor
Senate Candidate for Queensland Bernard Gaynor

Gold Coast 12 April 2017. Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor met hundreds of supporters at Currumbin RSL this evening.

It is fitting that a former soldier committed to protecting Australian culture should hold a campaign launch at an RSL in a conservative electorate on the Gold Coast.

As a Senate candidate on behalf of the Australian Liberty Alliance, former Royal Australian Army Officer, Bernard Gaynor is continuing his mission to inform Australians and to seek support for election to the Senate.

The Australian Liberty Alliance drew a large crowd at Currumbin RSL and the attendance confirmed that while most Australians are not politically engaged, they are politically aware. The people who had gathered at the meeting heard that Australia is committing cultural suicide and that Islam ( the ideology ) is in Australia and that politicians had to abandon political correctness and "govern for the majority, not vocal groups". The meeting heard that millions of Australians are very concerned about Islam and its affect on Australian traditional values, their children's future and the Australia that their grand children will inherit.

The party revealed that it expects a tsunami of abuse from sections of the media and refugee advocates, but its campaign is founded on the belief that damage results from political correctness which is eroding the sense of culture and national identity that existed prior to immigration from the Middle East. Immigrants from official sources, economic refugees hiding among genuine refugees and the flood of illegal boat immigration let loose by Labor has affected "our nation's social cohesion". See Frank Salter

Quoting Frank Salter, the meeting heard that there is a social cost and an economic cost of political correctness with 50,000 arriving by boat as customers of people smugglers in Australia, with some estimate showing that the actual cost excluding welfare is $175.000.00 per person. ( The vast majority are on welfare adding to the cost of Labor's flawed policies ).

Senate candidate Gaynor said that his party was not against Muslim people. It was campaigning on the belief that the "ideology of Islam is incompatible with our society". The party is concerned that Islam controls people's lives and is gaining leverage in Australia because the politically correct people in Canberra ( Parliament ) are looking after their own position instead of the national interest.

The meeting heard that activists are using Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act to silence dissent to the rise of Islam in Australia. ( The law makes it an offence to insult or offend by speech ). The law is alleged to have been used to silence dissenters who hold a different view on matters like immigration and gender equality.

The Australian Liberty Alliance is standing candidates on a platform of raising awareness of the cost of political correctness. It claims that debate on issues like mosques, female genital mutilation, sharia law is stifled. The Party claims that while Labor have never been the people to manage the economy well, the Liberal Party under Malcolm Turnbull is not representing the majority and has become a Party for minority groups. The meeting heard that current politicians do not have the courage to say "No" to political minorities. The cost to the economy of mass immigration from Islamic countries was raised. ASIO was quoted as just one example of government departments facing huge expenditure increases as a result of having to monitor Islamists who have arrived in this country.

The Party wants a political discussion to take place on a moratorium on further intakes of people with allegiances to the ideology of Islam. The meeting heard that terrorism is a real and possible threat wherever Muslims settle. ( Evidence of that is the fact that NSW Police see the need for a separate section to deal with Middle Eastern criminal conduct. )

The Australian Liberty Alliance is concerned that Australian's have lost the right to speak freely about issues that affect their lives, their neighbourhoods and the economy.

The Party wants to gain representation in the Senate to function in the house of review to take measures to force government to reduce national debt and to live within the bounds of real income.

Bernard Gaynor referred to the family as the foundation of the nation and the vital role of "family" in Australian life and society.

A key point raised at the meeting by the ALA was that Australia expects people who seek to come here should integrate and those who have shown that they do not assimilate should not be accepted by immigration authorities. The ALA is seeking a moratorium on immigration from Islamic nations. The ALA does not disparage people from any country "who have assimilated into our nation" but those who pose a security risk are not welcome.  Mr Gaynor said that a poll revealed that a mere 8% of Australians think that Islamic immigration is a good thing. The party will seek a turnaround in government immigration policies.

Mr Gaynor said that his party will not preference Labor, The Greens or some Liberal MP's who assisted to oust Tony Abbott.

In a final commitment to change, Mr Gaynor said that the ALA will "put a broom through the ABC"

Speaking of an expected "tsunami of abuse directed at ALA candidates, the meeting heard that there are some people in the media who "hate our culture and see Islam as an aid to their cause"

Meetings are scheduled for Southport and Nerang over the next few nights.

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