ACTU must explain why socialist high taxing utopa shouldn’t apply

  • Written by Senator Abetz

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, who hypocritically and constantly rails about the ‘big end of town’, must explain today why multi-million dollar unions aren’t paying tax and why they should be exempt from Labor’s proposed changes to dividend imputations.

Unions, who are generally exempt from paying income tax, have secured a secret deal from Bill Shorten to exempt them from Labor’s massive tax grab against pensioners.

“Ms McManus should use her address today to explain why she is not advocating for the rules to be changed to put unions’ tax affairs, including the mega unions who have millions of dollars in assets and huge annual profits, on an equal footing with businesses”

“For all the talk that the ACTU put out around ‘super profits’ and demands for higher taxes as a part of a grand socialist utopia, there is complete silence about the sweetheart tax arrangement that unions have.”

“This grand hypocrisy of demanding greater tax slugs for everyone else while having a special tax haven is very transparent and should be explained.”

“Given their continued hypocrisy, it’s time the union movement volunteers to put unions on an equal tax footing with other Australian.”

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