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Triple Diamond slots free play

Slot machines have been popular at different gambling establishments for up to 10 decades now. That said, most of the popular games have now been replaced with modern slots with increasing complications such as interactive design, more paylines, loud sounds, animated images, progressive jackpots and a host of others. However, these features may seem complicated for fans of old-school games, and in some cases make such gamers question the keen dedication to the hobby. 

Fortunately, IGT understands the needs of players who like it simple. Hence, the developer, which is known for developing lots of advanced slot machines, has maintained the design and features of Triple Diamond slot, a line of 3-reel slots with a simple design. In this article, we will walk you through an in-depth review of the Triple Diamond slot. And when you are done reading, you will understand the behind-the-curtains details of the slot, that could make you a better player of the game.

Triple Diamond - Read the Slot Review

IGT has built an empire for itself in the online gambling industry through its innovations and cutting edge technology. Here are some fun facts about IGT and Triple Diamond slots.

  • IGT developed the Nevada Megabucks slot. It was the first progressive machine in Las Vegas.
  • IGT Wheel of Fortune launched in 1996 is still one of the most successful games in today’s modern casinos. 
  • Triple Diamond is an IGT slot with 3 reels and 9 paylines with Jackpot prize of 1,199x
  • It has RTP of 95.06% and house edge 4.94%
  • Triple Diamond is the big brother to the IGT Double Diamond, another huge success Vegas-style slot from the developer.
  • The diamonds have become a symbol of riches, that's why they are widespread in casinos. That is why IGT kept the theme of Triple Diamond slot.
  • Triple Diamond slots free play immerses the player in times when his grandad used to play three-reel classic pokies in land-based casinos. Triple Diamond slots reminds you of a time without complicated offer features and bonus games. 

Triple Diamond Slot's Key Features

Below are the key features of the Triple Diamond slot. 

Payback Percentage 

The payback percentage of Triple Diamond slot is 95.06%, and that has a slight advantage for online players compared to Las Vegas slot with 95% index. The payback percentage of pokies is the chances of winning in the game over the long term as expressed in percentage.  

Game Symbols and Payouts

  • Triple Diamond Logo- It is the wild icon that can replace other symbols to complete a winning combination. It pays 2x, 10x and 1,199x for 1, 2 or 3 of a kind on a payline. Hence, a $200 bet per line for 3 of a variety would result in a $239,800 win (1,119 x $200)
  • Seven symbol- One or two doesn’t on a line means nothing to your game, but three on a line gives you 100x win.
  • Triple Bar- Three on a line gives 20x
  • Single Bar- Three on a line gives 10x
  • Any Bar- A mixture of 3 Bars of any kind gives you 5x win

On-Screen Options

Below are the buttons you will find on the interface and their functions when you sit before your screen to play the game. 


It is located below the reels, and it allows gamers to choose the number of paylines between 1 and 9.


Positioned at the upper right corner of the screen It displays winning combinations and payout for each combo.

Line Bet

You can toggle the button up and down to determine how much you wish to risk per payline from $25 minimum to max bet of $200. Hence, the minimum bet is $225 ($25x9) if you wish to use all active paylines. Other betting options per line include $30, $50, and $100.

Total Bet

Located beneath the reels and it displays the full value of bet for an upcoming spin.


Once you hit a matching combo, you will see your payout value in the Win section.


It is in the centre of the display, so you don't miss it. Once you set your bet, hit this button to select the reels on the motion.


If you wish to see the reels spin on their own while you relax or focus on other things, the autospin button is what you need to hit. You can set 10, 20, 30 and up 50 autospins.


This is where your deposit amount appears, and when you win, the value displayed in the balance increases. Sadly, the deal also reduces when you lose.


Just like the name, this button gives you many possibilities of customizing your game play-graphics quality (low, medium, high, best), pace and sound.


How to Play Triple Diamond Slot

The idea of Triple Diamond is to keep it simple while you spin the reels to enjoy all the fun. The first thing you'd like to do is set your desired number of paylines and then proceed to place your bet using the line bet button. However, we advise you wager on all paylines because that increases your chance to make a win. 

Triple Diamond Bonus & Win Up To 1199x Bet

The Triple Diamond Logo is the most valuable symbol of the paytable. It pays 2x, 10x and 1199x for 1, 2 and 3 of a kind on a payline. Other symbols like 7, Triple Bar, and Single Bar pay 100x, 20x and 10x respectively for three matching symbols on a payline. The Triple Diamond slot does not have a free spin and a bonus round perhaps due to its simplicity. However, there is a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier in the game. 

  • 1 Wild give 3x multiplier
  • 2 Wild give 9x multiplier 

Here are simple tips to win Big in Triple Diamond slot

  1. Learn how to vary your bet
  2. Set a budget before you begin
  3. Split win between playing balance and bank account
  4. Explore the RTP of the game

Game Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Simple design
  • Decent payout with fair RTP
  • Potential to hit big with multipliers
  • Generous jackpot


  • Lacking basic features like bonus rounds and free spins
  • High chances of becoming boring for pro players
  • Not so perfect sound 

Based on the pros and cons of the game, the best strategy to adopt is wagering on all active paylines and playing extended spins to increase the potential of winning. More bets would mean more wins since you only look out for one symbol (Triple Diamond Logo) which is the wild to get a multiplier win. And if you get more wilds, that means more multipliers and payout value. One way to last long without burning through credit is budgeting and applying bankroll management. 

Start Playing Free Slots 

The Triple Diamond slot is available for free play with no registration option. Gamers can access free play as a demo to learn how the pokie works. Triple Diamond demo works like the real money game except that players’ can’t win real cash from the free version. 

To play the demo, find the slot by searching our platform and hit the play now for instant access. After loading, locate the line button to choose paylines and then set your bet. Once done, hit the spin button and wait for winning combos to appear on the screen. Continue to explore and perhaps you may stumble on a winning strategy that will hit in a real money game.

Additional Triple Diamond Slot Features

It is safe to say that the IGT Triple Diamond slot is the king among uncomplicated slots. Triple Diamond a medium variance slot and that means it won’t eat up your budget. IGT stripped the game of many add-ons; hence, the graphics and sound are not that laudable, but the simplicity dominates all the limited features. The slot works perfectly on both PC and mobile devices. Triple Diamond slot is well optimized for small screens devices including iOS, Android and Windows and even has an app adaptation

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