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Slots have been a type of a casino game that has been gaining prominence over the last few decades. It is true that gambling has always denoted card games or poker, but today, the video slots have surpassed in popularity due to the use of audio-visual features, diverse gameplay, themes and simplicity of casino software.

What Are i-Slots?

This is a relatively new term that many gambling enthusiasts are coming across. It signifies interactive slots, which are a new genre introduced. Since card games in live dealer sections have become more in demand, simply for the interactive experience that it provides to the customers, the same can be said of this category of slot games.

The Rival company was the first to release this new category which provided players with something new to try. There are certain features that are novel here, but differences are minor, allowing slot enthusiasts to quickly understand the rules and try their hands at the reels.


The features in this category showcase certain differences. For instance, there are 15 paylines but could be of the 5-reel versions as well. The first difference is that storylines are part of each as defined by the theme. It also sets the pace, which is the second difference. Many have mini-rounds that come on as the activated bonus rounds. Mini-rounds here are more lucrative as special symbols usually involved here. Interactive bonuses put matters in the hands of players; many are skill-based as well. As per the clicks are done in a certain manner or accuracy in the same, the bonuses come on as massive coin payouts. Jackpots require players to be lucky, and bonuses promise larger payouts in i-Slots.

Where to Find Them?

Not every casino site has this category. However, Rival powered casinos have such software. There are about ten titles they offer, which are of diverse themes and provide unique ways to gain payouts.

If you are on the lookout for varied titles, try free slot machine games without downloading or registration. Find comprehensive reviews here which detail gameplays and features so that you know what to expect when you spin the reels. Have a look at the best guide for playing online slots and get an edge against the competition!

If you wish to try this particular category of titles from Rival, some casinos offer an attractive welcome bonus. It is a match-up bonus, available with consecutive deposits and can lead to whopping amounts being added to what you deposit to your account. If you find the wagering terms reasonable, you will end up having a lot to wager on these diverse titles.

i-Slots to Try

Here are some popular titles and the kind of features they include:

As the Reels Turn

This is one of the earliest releases in this category, and it showcases the lives of people at El Paradiso casino. The features include several scatter symbols and a lucrative bonus round. Players need to follow a map and face challenges as the reels turn.

Bank Heist

This is another title that is quite popular. The crime-based theme has players following map of a bank, completing different tasks and increasing wins through scatter symbols.

Art Heist

The theme is similar here where the narrative includes two thieves who look for stealing a classic painting, and there are five sections such as the plan, tools, robbery, getaway and the beach. There are unique bonus rounds at different levels.

Switch in Time

It is based on a time travel narrative. Time travel is fun here with extra spins, bonus games and multipliers. One journeys through different adventures and wins coins at the same time.

Many casinos such have Rival’s software for free trials; these can be played with a no deposit free cash bonus as well. That gives customers an opportunity to try their hands at these slots and know the differences that exist in the gameplay and execution.

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