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Australia is recognized as one of the countries where a huge number of people play online gambling, spending a huge amount of hours and money on it. It was the Australians who were awarded the title of the most gambling virtual players in the world who are ready to play online casinos more than others. 

Why can’t I play online casino in Australia? Only the Australian government can answer on player’s question.


Why are Australian players have problems in playing AU online casinos?


Australians spend a decent amount of money on gambling. From this we can conclude that they get deposit bonus and another bonuses and bring profit to various gaming sites most of all. Such research results were completely unexpected, because earlier the inhabitants of Australia did not stand out for their gambling. But unfortunately, many types of gambling are illegal. Why can't I play in online casino Bao casino? This question is asked by many Australians.

It depends on some conditions:

  • strict requirements;
  • very high cost of a license;
  • income tax of 5-15%;
  • thorough software verification;
  • non-standard license expiration dates.

Gambling arrived in Australia with the first settlers. For more than 300 years, the gambling industry has been developed here to such an extent that 4 out of 5 residents of the country are involved in the gambling business to one degree or another, and 1 out of 5 plays on an ongoing basis. Throughout the history of modern Australia, the government has been trying to regulate this industry.

Why can’t I play online casino in Australia? This question is asked by many Australian players. Thanks to the country's strong infrastructure, developed legal base and general prestige of the jurisdiction, an increasing number of entrepreneurs are looking for the opportunity to register a company under a casino and obtain a gambling license in Australia. Despite the fact that the government is now issuing licenses to companies that intend to launch their online gambling sites, they are nevertheless prohibited from accepting Australian players.

Despite the 2001 Act on Interactive Gambling, which prohibits Australian online casino operators from offering interactive "real money" gambling to local residents, in reality, the use of online casino websites for Australian citizens remains legal. However, since this is still not the case from the point of view of the law, playing online poker, pokies or casino games is considered a criminal offense, but despite this many Australians freely use some popular online casinos to satisfy their gambling needs.

Whether these casinos violate Australian gambling laws by allowing players to visit their sites remains unclear. Online lotteries and sports betting are considered legal provided that they are not related to the Internet business, but to the ground.


Why can’t I play online casino in Australia: problems for foreign players


Given the fact that gambling is very popular in Australia, it is surprising that it has many restrictions for foreign citizens. Why can't I play online casinos in Australia? Most foreign gamers ask this question. So, if lotteries, bingo, dog racing and horse racing are completely legal, then casino games do not comply with the laws of online gambling in Australia and are prohibited.

Under the 2001 Act, Australia prohibits the following:

  1. Unlicensed iGaming products offered to Australians.
  2. “Why can’t I play online casino in Australia?” – can ask foreign players. Australian iGaming products cannot be offered to other countries.

This law also prohibits most online gambling: from poker to roulette, blackjack online poker and pokies. It does not prohibit car racing and sports betting, provided that bets are not held during the game, as well as online lotteries.

Nevertheless, the government allows foreign providers to obtain a gaming license in Australia, and players are free to choose any sites available to them and participate in online games, card games, pokies, virtual slot machines, etc.

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