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Biden on Slippery Slope

Let’s not mince words – Joe Biden is a compromise candidate and one that most on the radical left would prefer he be sitting on the sidelines rather than being the torchbearer for the liberal agenda in the United States. Ironically, he is exactly what the increasingly socialist-leaning party denounces; a rich, old, white guy and part of the political machine that they are hellbent on destroying.

But change does not come easy nor does it come swiftly and while the AOC’s of the world rail against the old guard, the septuagenarians whose vice-grip on power belies their advanced years, ultimately the more moderate faction dictates who will be the party’s standard-bearer.

And so, Joe Biden has earned this distinction despite another challenge from Senator Sanders and his Bernie Bros. Youth has been unable to triumph over the Democrat political machine, at least at the highest levels, and although Biden parrots many of the alt-left war cries, he is a vestige of the past and will assuage the young voters but cater to his familiar constituency.

However, accusations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against Biden and the many snippets of him getting touchy-feely with women of all ages during photo ops have morphed from grandfatherly embraces to creepy caresses. And if his lethargic, rambling, and oft-times scattered responses led Donald Trump to dub him “Sleepy” Joe, it is indeed preferable to the new moniker, “Creepy” Joe.

Naturally, this conflicts the #MeToo movement as they denounced Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings after listening to testimony from a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct in the early ’80s. Kavanaugh was roughly 17 years old at the time and a high school student while Biden was in his 50’s and a United States senator back in 1993 when the sexual assault allegedly took place.

Tara Reade is Biden’s accuser and she has single-handedly mitigated much of the moral high ground that the former vice-president enjoyed over his political rival, Donald Trump. Reade had this to say about speaking out at the time and describing exactly what she alleges today, “I remember talking about him wanting me to serve drinks because he liked my legs and thought I was pretty and it made me uncomfortable,” Reade said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I know that I was too scared to write about the sexual assault.”

Thus, the specter of sexual impropriety hangs over Biden but the same Democrats who reflexively believed Christine Blasey-Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser, and cried foul once he was confirmed to the Supreme Court, are far more circumspect, and even skeptical, of Reade which is further evidence that politics trumps all in what has become an ever-increasing political schism between the parties.

What are the Odds?

Yes, there are oddsmakers out there who will allow anyone to wager on the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. One of the many props is, will Trump win the popular vote and the electoral college? Of course, the only thing that counts is winning the electoral votes and if we look at the last election, we see that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton only because he delivered more electoral votes but Clinton won the popular vote.

If we take a look at a head-to-head matchup, we see that Trump (-145) is the clear favorite over Biden (+125) to win more electoral votes. But, if somehow Biden’s nomination gets derailed at the Democratic Convention in July, we see that the field (including Biden) has better odds of defeating Trump: Donald Trump (-130) vs. Field (+110).

And there is even a prop that allows the following scenarios:

Donald Trump:

To Lose Electoral College & Popular Vote +140

To Win Electoral College & Popular Vote +225

To Win Electoral College, Lose Popular Vote +225

To Lose Electoral College, Win Popular Vote +1400

Although the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has dismantled the historic economic gains under the Trump administration, it has done little to curtail the optimism of the money men and women in America. Even the most strident Trump haters cannot blame the economic collapse on anything, or anyone, but the novel coronavirus.

Steve Skancke, a former Treasury Department and Council on Economic Affairs official in the Carter and Reagan administrations, stated, "We can’t expect that the economy is going to be in very good shape, although the trajectory ought to be pretty positive by November”.

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