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Whether you are a local person or just visiting, Sydney has a lot to offer. In this article we are not going to discuss the regular sightseeing spots or the most visited touristic places. Sometimes it is just nice to rest, get high quality service and spend some time in a nice place. This is why I find hotels handy. However, sometimes a hotel can actually be a great place to get new experiences. In this article you will find out more about three hotest hotest in Sydney and their main specialities.

Star hotel

Located at 80 Pyrmont Street, this hotel has got a lot to offer. In fact, you may find something interesting no matter what you are looking for. If you are just looking to recharge your batteries, you will definitely enjoy its spa and beauty offers. The hotel also has an outstanding restaurant, the quality of which can satisfy even the most demanding foodies. If you feel like partying, you are also in the right place as there are bars and a club in the hotel. Finally, if you feel like you are lucky, perhaps it is a great time to visit hotel’s casino?


Well, you may not actually have time to play in the casino, but there is always something thrilling you can do on your way. What’s that? Gambling online with bitcoins may certainly seem as a viable option, but why is that? First of all - you don’t have to reveal your identity. Secondly, gambling with bitcoins is transparent and cost efficient. Well, let’s come back to the hotels.

Four Seasons hotel

As a part of one of the most luxurious hotel chains, this hotel has became a synonym for the quality. It offers outstanding service and dining experience, however it does lack a wide scope of activities. This is, perhaps, one of the best places to get spa experience while staying in the downtown, although it does not have much to offer except of this.


If you are a tourist, this can be a great choice as the hotel offers spectacular views and is located within the walking distance from the historic areas. Also, you will get a chance to refresh from the tiring trips around the city in the spa.

Pier One Sydney Harbour hotel

Located right at the harbour, this hotel is considered the best one if you are looking for an ultimate stay-in experience. It offers fabulous rooms that excel in the design. The main speciality of this hotel is that it is located on the water, on its own pantone, this way you get to enjoy the best possible panoramic views.


Compared to other 2 hotels, it does lack the facilities a lot. However, due to its location, you can actually explore the surroundings where you can find amazing restaurants and breathtaking activities.

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