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When it comes to your home it’s all about the interior, right?


Wrong! The buzz these days seems to be all about the bathroom or the kitchen but for some of us, the beautiful of the home is grown in the garden. But with that dream garden comes a whole lot of maintenance. To maintain that dream garden and keep things looking as they should, use these seven tips.


1. Water is life


Most of us fall into the same old trap when it comes to our garden.

Life gets in the way. We start with the best of intentions, remembering to water our garden every day. Then something comes up and we miss a day here and there. That can be all it takes to ruin that dream garden.


So, take the memory out of the equation and try an irrigation system.

Not only will it help you feed that dream garden, but getting a system which works on a timer will also remove the memory aspect of the maintenance and works around our unpredictable lives.


2. Unearth the secret


For almost every plant and tree on earth, soil is a crucial element to successful garden maintenance. Whether you have the right soil or not is the first question and may determine the success of your garden.


Test the soil and make sure you are working with plants that can grow in that particular type of soil. Additionally, try to toss and turn up the soil at least once a month to keep it light and aerated, this will help avoid soils drying out and becoming too hard for roots to grow.


3. Don’t mind the smell


Imagine a cake without the icing or a sandwich without the filling.

Sure, you can still eat the cake or the bread, but it wouldn’t be as good. For plants, it’s the same, except we are talking mulch. Mulch is a great way to give the garden a hit of minerals and it will also keep the moisture in the garden beds for longer. Mulch is also a fantastic way to suppress those pesky weeds.


4. Beer, that’s right beer.


One problem with a dream garden is that it is also a dream garden for those slugs and bugs. One sure fire way to keep those greedy critters away from your plants is beer. Fill a small container with beer and place it somewhere in the garden beds. Slugs are very attracted to the scent and when you return the next day, you’ll find the beer gone and the container full of the critters to remove.


5. Seasons are important


Each of the four seasons can mean quite different things for your garden. Maintaining that dream garden is all about understanding what the change in seasons means for your garden. In summer, the sun may be harsher where you live, meaning water will be crucial and certain plants might not survive.


Another crucial season is autumn. Autumn can often bring with it plant disease as the summer months end. Clean up your garden during autumn and make sure to trim any leaves or plants with any rotting or spotty leaves.


6. Fit for the environment


Maintaining your dream garden might sometimes be about compromise. If a plant doesn’t work in your environment, then don’t try to force it. Research your climate and location and decide on what plants will flourish and which will need a plant funeral if you bring them in.


Check sunlight, breeze, which plants work well with others. Maintaining a dream garden is about getting the garden right at the time of planting, not afterwards when you’re wondering why the plants are dying.


7. Cover, netting and all those accessories


If you want fresh herbs and nice and ripe fruit and veg, it’s not as easy as just planting seeds. Depending on the produce you will need to install netting, covers and in some cases wraps over certain items to give them the best possible chance. If you are not willing to put in the effort then don’t go down the round, a quick job will give you bad tasting produce.


Dream gardens can be made of all kinds of weird and wonderful plants, trees, vegetables, fruits and furniture. But maintaining that dream garden can be the one step many people fail on. Use these 7 tips to keep that dream garden from becoming a nightmare.

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