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If you own a property it stands to reason that you should want to keep it in good condition. This means that you have to pay attention to maintenance issues. The problem is that property often requires a considerable amount of maintenance, and it's easy to overlook certain aspects. For instance, you may see small cracks in the exterior brickwork of your home and think they are nothing to worry about.

It's important to remember that seemingly small issues are likely to get worse if you do not take action. Brick problems can be a serious issue, and they can also be a sign of problems such as subsidence. You should never ignore damaged bricks; at worst you are investing some cash in improving the appearance of your home and at best you could be saving yourself a considerable amount of money by addressing structural issues early.

    1. What can cause damage to bricks?

There can be several causes of damage to bricks. These causes include:

  • Subsidence.

  • Erosion over time.

  • Settling of a property.

  • Water damage.

As you can see, some damage can be a sign of more serious issues with your property. This means that you should have brickwork inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

    1. Why is the repair of brickwork so important?

There two types of brickwork; that which is structural and that which is decorative. Generally, damage to structural brickwork is more of a problem; but damage to decorative brickwork should not be ignored as it could be a sign of more serious issues underneath.

Structural concerns, such as subsidence, show up in the brickwork of your property as the structure shifts. This is your chance to have the problem addressed as soon as possible; hopefully reducing the cost of repair. Decorative brickwork around a wooden framework can be susceptible to water damage, as rainwater gets behind the bricks. If you do not deal with this issue in a timely manner the whole framework of your home could be threatened.

Obviously, not all brick problems threaten the entire structure of your property, but if you deal with all damaged bricks as you spot them it limits the risk of more serious damage occurring.

    1. How is brickwork repaired?

Assuming there is no underlying problem it's not that complicated for a professional to repair damaged bricks. Erosion is the most common problem which affects bricks and it's generally fixed by replacing bricks if necessary, and re-pointing.

You can also have tuck pointing carried out. This is a cosmetic process which improves the appearance of brickwork. It helps make bricks appear uniform and flat, even if they are not.

You should never be tempted to ignore damage to bricks. If it's a sign of something more serious you get the chance to deal with the problem and preserve the structure of your home. Even if the damage is a less serious issue, you still get the opportunity to stop the problem from worsening and improve the appearance of the property.

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